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This Goober is AWAKE

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on December 2, 2006 - 10:03am

Another cold Saturday morning and everyone is up and early and all ready starting there day. Spouse is working yet AGAIN, so its me and the kids as always. I swear I didn't want to get out of bed this morning as it was warm in the blankets but froze my caboose off as I had to get up. So, if ya see a caboose lying around, its probably mine... LOL.... Anyhoo, before I went to bed last night I went to my bedroom to watch a little tv before calling it a night. I turned on to some ice skating event. The first person I saw was some women who was skating to You Raise me Up. It wasn't Josh's version, but it was beautiful all the same. I don't recall her name, but she was amazing. Ice skating has always been exciting to watch for me as I cannot help but see so much beauty in the movements of these athletes. Yes, I consider Ice skating a sport. You really have to be in some good shape, and have some really great conditioning to do some of the things they do. No way I can put my leg over my head like that....ouch! But just watching the ladies movie, and glide gently on the ice as with ease always leaves a lasting impression on me. It is really beautiful. You add some beautiful music like You Raise me up and it really makes the performance even more breath taking and dramatic. Watching the guys has almost the same effect accept I think it isn't quite as beautiful as the women, but still a really good show.Some of them actually make me laugh with their routines. I don't know why, but watching the women have been more pleasant to see then the men. I guess maybe becasue they are more elegant on the ice? I don't know, can guys be elegant? HAHAHAH. They were both enjoyable to say the least.I always hold my breath as they do jumps and twirls in the air. Watching them fall is really hard to see. I wish I would have seriously taken that up years ago. I have ice skated before, but no where near as beautiful or graceful as what I see from the pros. Now, I think I would just fall on my butt..........Gravity changes as one gets older......LOL

So today I think I will take the kids to do some XMAS shopping. Still have to get something for spouse. What do you get for someone who works all the time? He has no time for anything fun, so what is there left? AHHHHHHHHH! Buying anything for men is hard as I never know what will interest them. No, I am not shopping at Victoria Secrets, so don't even think it.LOL...... Well, the good news is, I do have my Christmas cards done. I am going to send them in the mail today, so hopefully next week people will get them. I do feel sorry for the postal workers who has to carry all these things this time of year. I hope people remember to be kind to them....HAHAHAHHA! Woo hoo, long live the postal worker........ Ok, I am feeling a bit postal now, but what else is new.......

May your day be filled with sunshine and smiles. I hope every one achieves their goals for the day. Me, my goal today is to accomplish my chores, and finish my Christmas shopping. If I can get those done I will be happy. I know, I live such an exciting life don't I? I may even add working on my writing some more. I have a few poems going, but kind of hit a block at the moment. Hopefully if I look at them some more ideas will come to me.......Now, if that same principal would apply when I look at Josh.... HAHAHAHAH. * ok, slaps self* What can I say......I am human! Also a goober!

My tip for today is don't keep your windows open when you change your underwear.........Do I really need to explain why???

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