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A Winter wind

jlbrown3711's picture
on December 28, 2006 - 9:09am

Good morning, happy Thursday to all. Kids are still sleeping, so I find some quiet time to get in my blog. I have such a life. The wind is still roaring pretty strongly around here in Gustine. Infact last night they got so strong we lost a tree from our front yard. Granted, it was not a big tree, but it was still taller than the house. The wind just pulled it right from the ground. Thank goodness no serious damage was done. But our Christmas decorations on the outside are looking pretty bad this morning. I am thinking these are gonna have to be replaced too. Bummer.Oh, and the garbage can is knocked over as well. Think how much fun I am gonna have cleaning that up...LOL. I wanted so much to go on a walk last night, but the winds were just so bad. They whip around so bad , making it hard to even stand in it. It has been a few days since I last been on one, so I am craving my little solitude adventures at night.I miss my musical walks. I really could have used one last night as my feelings over this FOJG still Linger. Walking gives me a lot of comfort from such stresses. I know I should drop the whole thing and I am trying, but people still go on those boards and try to control others on what to say or not to. My words got so twisted there, it is upsetting. Every day something new gets said and starts these resentful feelings all over again. It is really making me sad about it. I should blow it all off, but it is hard for me to do that. I can't blow things off as easily as some people can. I wish I could. I guess I should take my own advice and just stay off for awhile. I really could use the break anyway. It will give me time to let this go. Besides, no one will miss my yodeling goofy self anyway. LOL. LALALALALALA. Littleoleladywho..........I probably won't be on the forums too much, as I don't want to get involved with any more of the comments people have to say about this whole topic, but I will still lurk,(maybe) and write in my Journal. Atleast I have that place to write my thoughts down. Writing has always given me great pleasure, even if I suck at it sometimes. HAHAHAHAH! It has helped me through all of this. Who knows, maybe tomorrow I will see things a bit more clearly and want to post so much until I get thrown off by the king himself. LOL. No, not Elvis either. Can you imagine Josh dressed as Elvis? Woo hoo, what a hoot! Talk about a hunk a hunk of burning Love...... hahahaha. *slaps self*

Ok, so I didn't go on a walk last night, but I did take a drive to the store. HAHAHA. I know what your thinking, wow, Laurie sure knows how to party. I tell ya, Gustine is the place to be. HAHAHAH....... Anyway, it was dark, the stars were out, and I was litterally blaring You are Loved from the car Radio. The wind was strong and kept pushing my car as I drove, but didn't matter, I would have been swaying with the music anyway. There was a lot of comfort in hearing that song last night. Especially under the moonlight. But then, listening to Josh's music always makes me feel better about life in general. He has the gift! I am happy he has shared it too. It never fails to impress me how music can really heal a person from troubles. It is one of the precious gifts that I have discovered.

Well this dork has some more house cleaning to do. Hope everyone has a wonderful day and to keep smiling. Smiles are free, so go make someone smile..... Love to all!

My tip for today, don't shave your butt in public!................ woo hoo, I told ya, me a goober. HAHAHAH! No, haven't tried that one either. Hm, should I? ACCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKK! Keep that Razor away from me...........

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