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Much Ado Over Nothing

vijaykumar's picture
on January 4, 2007 - 2:26pm

After reading Josh's "Happy Holidays" message on the boards I, being inordinately curious (I am in journalism after all), went searching through posts trying to figure out what the recent article Josh mentioned was. Finally I learn it's from "Blender" magazine, which took me too long to find out after looking through various threads. Boy does time slip by when you're on the boards.

Today, after reading a few more tidbits on the site I just had to go get the magazine since I never read "Blender." My subcriptions are "The New Yorker," "Vogue," "InStyle," and "Conde Nast Traveler" and I also read "Dance," and "Newsweek," or occasionally pick up "Rolling Stone." But not "Blender."

Just as I go in a bookstore and head to the newstand section, one of Josh's slow, searing ballads comes on over the sound system. Freaked me out. "Josh, do you not want me to read your Blender article?" I chuckled to myself. Picked the issue up and read it while eating lunch.

I don't really see what the fuss is. From other articles/appearances we know Josh loves sarcasm. "Blender" is a hip, young music magazine. The only other mention I've see of him in it was under a worst trends article as a "popera" singer. So I wouldn't suppose the mag would do a tame piece any PR person would love. Josh's comments fit a 25-year-old guy making some jokes. I also thought the picture was cute with him holding his own self-portrait.

But now I'm stuck with a whole "Blender" issue to read. I guess I'll take it to the gym after work and read the rest while I'm on the elliptical.

On an aside, I'm actually a little afraid to post on the message board (like when I was trying to figure out what magazine the controversial article was in) sometimes because I don't spend that much time there and people seem to know exactly what's going on and have their own mini-communities and posts in the thousands. I have about 6, a little more if you count posts I made under anner2, my first membership name. However, I know Grobanites are great people. For example, the very nice Joni had previously PMed me with a scanned image of the Josh "O Magazine" piece after I posted a general inquiry about it. Guess I need to dive in more.

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