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Simple Pleasures

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on January 12, 2007 - 10:28am

Happy Friday to all. It is cold in Gustine as it is 33 degrees out and the wind is a kickin! I know, 33 degrees is probably nothing compared to many other states, but remember us California people are not use to coldness. We are wimps remember? LOL! Man, what would we do if it did ever snow???

I have been getting a bit of writing done as the weather seems to be a perfect fit for such an activity. It is wonderful that house is quiet enough for me to think. No laughing at me please! I do think sometimes...... MUHAHAHAHHAHAH! *Paging Laurie's brain, paging Laurie's brain.*

Hope everyone has a great week! You are loved!!!!!!! By someone anyway..HAHAHA!

Simple Pleasures

I love the Earth, the water, the sky

and all the things that make me cry

I love the body, the soul, the mind

and cherrish new things I seek to find

I love music, a song, and beautiful words

as it soars like a majestic blue bird

I love a walk, the open path, and the breath for air

and watch my soul become amazingly bare

I love a friend, a hug, a joyful moment

as delightful conversations are always time well spent

I love adventures, exploring, discovering a place

and to see a beautiful smile on a splendid face

I love things I can touch, admire, and call my secret treasures

But most of all, I love my simple pleasures...............

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