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Dissing Josh? #*&^%

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on March 30, 2007 - 11:36pm

Tonight is my last night of work before I hit Vegas (even though we're not leaving until Thursday)!!! I already warned my coworkers that I will be WORTHLESS in the morning!!! They just laugh at me (or is it with me?).

On Wednesday night, I was in the ER talking to a coworker and she asked how many days. Everyone asks me that...I wonder why? Maybe because it's all I've talked about since October? Anyway, the doc (who BTW lives in L.A., and comes here to work for like a week at a time) what I was doing, and I told him I was going to Vegas to see Josh. And he pipes up, "oh, he's good. I know his manager." HMMMM. Anyway, I didn't pursue the conversation at that time because it was kind of busy.

So, later that night, I asked Dr. S if he was going to be my NEW BEST FRIEND now and when he asked why I said, "Well, you did say you know Josh Groban's manager." And he said, "I've met him, but I don't really know him." Then he started dissing Josh. Stuff like "oh he's just a rich kid, and he's going to lose his career if he doesn't go back to doing what he's good at"...I'm sure my eyes just about bugged out of my head when he started saying some of that stuff. Apparently, Dr. S hasn't listened to "AWAKE" because, as much as I love the older stuff, I really love "AWAKE." Anyway, then he started talking (bragging?) about his daughter, who is a singer (and she's actually quite good). She is recording a CD now, and working with a producer (I forget his name) who has also produced Gwen Stefani. He directed me to her "my space" so I could listen to her, and she is indeed good. He truly has reason to be proud of her. I've met her once, and she is a really nice kid.

Dang, I thought I had a way to meet Josh...HAHAHA. I would NEVER REALLY use that "I know someone who knows someone" because that's just TACKY!!! I hope I have more class than that!! But it was fun to think about for a bit!!!

I had to go shopping for more clothes this week. Too bad I couldn't have waited until Vegas...but I'll probably shop some more there too. All of my jeans were WAY too big. I can still wear them at home, but wearing them in public would be truly sad!! So I have some new jeans, a few new shirts among other things!!! YAY!!! That feels so good to shrink out of my clothes instead of grow out of them. HAHA!!!

A week from tonight I'LL BE "JOSHIN' " IN VEGAS!!! God help my husband!!

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