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DWTS Performance

Ampatamia's picture
on April 10, 2007 - 12:07pm

Dear Josh - I am going to try to do this a second time since I had to abort the first try. I know that by now your Dancing With The Stars performance is long gone, but I just wanted to let you know that I did watch it on April 3rd (and I NEVER WATCH that show) It was a good performance, but you seemed to appear heavy hearted. The free, light-hearted Josh that I saw on March 10 in Rochester, New York, was replaced by a young man who looked like he wanted to cry by the end of the performance. You did attempt to smile at the end your song "So She Dances" but it did appear forced. I felt bad for you and I wished that someone could alleviate your sorrow. I did say a Rosary for you an hour before the performance, and I am confident that God was with you because God never abandons those that He loves. But it is so hard to believe that when your heart is that heavy.

Josh, I am TOTALLY UNAWARE of the challenges that you face. From my end of this computer screen, you appear to have everything: FAME, FORTUNE, GOOD LOOKS,AND LOVING FAMILY AND FRIENDS. But if your life is anything like Donny Osmond's was at the height of his career, you probably suffer from profound emptiness and loneliness. Everyone loves the "image" that they know of you, but VERY VERY FEW people know and love the REAL YOU. I know that you would not reveal that to any of your fans, but that does not mean that those feelings exist within you. Maybe that song and that performance reminded you of January and that caused your sadness and sorrow. It is so hard to let go of someone you love. I have done that with REAL PEOPLE and IMAGINARY PEOPLE like you. Either way, it is never easy to say "Good Bye" to someone you love.

On that note, I have a song to share with you. It is from your competitors, IL DIVO. The song is called "La Vida Sin Amor." (A Life Without Love) I wish that you could hear this song. It has a sad title, but the song is performed in a Salsa style. It is a lot of fun. So here it is in Spanish:

Cuando el so cae un dia mas.
Se que no quieres dormir.
La pasion nos vuelve a desnudar porque sin ti yo no se vivir.

Y la Oscuridad ye enloquecer
A un hombre y una mujer.

La vida sin amor es un fuego sin passion. La vida sin amor no sirve ya mi corazon pues olvido amar.

Lagrimas que nunca llore
Suplicas que no te di.
Y un mundo igual que solo sabe huir dejando atras todo mi sufrir.

Y en las oscuridad, piel sobre piel. El alma calma su sed.

La vida sin amor es un fuego sin pasion. La vida sin amor so sirve ya mi corazon pues olvido amar.

Y el oscuridad, piel sobre piel. El alma calma su sed.

La vida sin amor es un fuego sin pasion. La vida sin amor no sirve ya mi corazon. Pues olvido amar.

I hope that someday that you will find a love that is worthy of you. Until then, may God continue to hold you close and may God bless you wherever you are.


Ampatamia (Anne-Marie)

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