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Just waking UP

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on August 2, 2007 - 4:10am

Well as of last night I had written a great blog when I accidently deleted it. I know bummer. So It's 7am and I snuck out of the hotel room so I wouldn't bother Rachel since we agreed we wouldn't be getting up until 9:30am. But I couldn't sleep am too excited about the next leg of our adventure.

Today we leave Wilkes Barre and go to Hershey and then go to the park. We'll rest up during the day and then THE CONCERT --- I do hope Josh is feeling more energetic. But even if not the experience will still be a great one. We have to remember that he is a real person with real needs and he gets exhausted and has other obligations too.
Even though as he says people think he's singing just to them.

Last night I made some more business cards for Hershey and then for good more some more generic with pic of Josh and a buddah (one of my gods)- I even made some for Rachel and cut them out although she protetested.

Think I'll go check on the Boards for awhile and come back and edit in some more.
Oh Anigelique's performance on the David Letterman's show was too short and I wished he had interviewed her. But I am glad she is getting exposure because she's really an experience in of herself. Before I left Baltimore someone I know who is going to the Hershey concert was very flipant about the openning act stating that she felt it was a waste of time (SHE said not ME) I told her since she was a Josh Concert Virgin she had no idea what she was talking about that Angelique was worth see all on her own. (of course not for $250) we got VIP tickets for Hershey. Hoping to be upgraded. But just being in the arena is good enough for me.

blessed be,

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