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Packing sucks.

vijaykumar's picture
on August 27, 2007 - 6:58pm

I'm gonna forget something, I just know it. And my mum just put a limit on the amount of boxes I can have. What?? So...I've decided to leave my books behind. I might die of boredom, but there you go.

Not my songbooks, I need those.

And we got into it about a shelf. I mean right into it. I started yelling I can't put it together by myself, in which she points out I have two men living next door (they're gay, no one get excited here), surely they can put it together. I'm sure they could, I just hate bothering them - despite Tony borrowed my base games for The Sims 2 over the summer.

Can't find Zeus's stuff, which is driving me simply mad. His toys are all over the place, his leash is gone. I think my niece is hiding the stuff so I won't take him.

And due to box am I going to take the rest of my clothes???

At least I can get back to singing and acting. Then I'll actually feel alive. And write my stories without annoyances.

And my cell has had the biggest work out of it's life tonight. I think I've sent twenty texts. lol

Argh...should get back to packing. Blech, this sucks.

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