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on August 30, 2007 - 6:21pm

I've been up to my a$$ in aligators all day long. Life isn't supposed to be like this....and things are fixing to change around here.

It's run, run, run after work. Kids eat from a fast food sack. I'm driving down the road headed from McDonalds to the ballfield, then to the house and back out again. At lunch I run to Walmart to pickup junk I need for the kids.
Reagan says "Hey mom...I need money for blah, blah." Riley says, "I hate baseball."

I said "You know what Riley? I hate it too, so.....let's just quit."
Reagan pipes up from the back seat of the van. "The Pitt's aren't quitters!!"
Well, today I don't really care.
I never wanted to be that stereotypical soccer mom.
What ever happened to just come home and play. Dig in the dirt, hang out and just be a happy go lucky kid?
That's what I had when I was little.
My mom was waiting on us after school and we had NO worries.
Of course, I work, but still, things could be a lot simpler and that's what we're going back to.
As I was walking down to the field to pick Riley up from practice, I looked all around me and saw nothing but frustrated parents yelling at their kids and sweating in 100 degree heat.
It just ain't freakin' worth it.
And this coach is just crazy gunhoe for baseball. Practice 3 nights a week.
It stopped being fun when they started having to wear chest protectors.

Sorry to be so whiney tonight.
That's not usually me.

To change the subject....

Do you know where you were when Diana was killed?

I was spending the night at my mom's. 10 years ago. Reagan was almost 2 years old.
Mom came in the next morning and said "She died."
That was a shocker. I was always a fan of hers and couldn't believe it.
I remember back when she got married, we got up very early in the morning to watch the Royal Wedding. Same thing with Fergie's wedding.
So when they aired her funeral, I was up watching that too.
Although I think the British Monarchy is a royal joke, I'm fascinated with it and have always read all the books about it.

Ok, now I'm rambling. I'm going to sign off for now and
go watch the Thursday surprise again.

I don't have anymore words to describe how cute I think Josh is. He just IS.

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