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Wheeew - Life is a Whirlwind

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on September 16, 2007 - 7:39pm

Wow, I'm back - it feels good. Life has been unbelievably busy the last week.

I got through my Pastor's 40th Anniversary in the ministry. I was on the planning committee, made the decorations and set the tables for 350 people, presented two gifts, one from my youth group and the other from the entire congregation. It was a beautiful celebration, but glad it's over and off my mind.

Hannah had her outdoor senior pics taken on the 7th (got the proofs back already-they're so pretty:) and her indoor ones on the 12th. Hopefully we'll get those back this week. Kids don't have school tomorrow so they're excited about that! Last night was their first marching band competition - they tied for 4th place, and were just a point away from 2nd! Got home this morning at 1:30 and then had church early, so it was a short night. At least we didn't freeze last night, but we were a bit chilled so stopped on the way home for something hot to drink. I LOVE Chai tea (anybody else out there?) - it's amazing what gas stations have to offer in the "beverage section" now - they're practically coffee shops :) I burned my darn tongue though - OUCH!

Marshall High School Tigers won Friday night, but our MN Vikings lost today in overtime - bummer............I love football and everything else that goes along with the fall season! My two apple trees are packed with apples, so that's on my agenda this week - applesauce, apple pies, and apple crisp :) I love to have them in my freezer to give away during the year. Nothin' like a "fresh" hot apple pie in the dead of winter :)

It's so quiet in the house - hubby went to the shop to get some paperwork done and the kids are at a to just sit hear with all of you and get caught up.

I'm soooo looking forward to Noel. I've decided to get both the special edition from Target for the DVD AND the one from FOJG 'cause I gotta have the ornament :) I'll keep a CD in the house, and one in the car - PERFECT - Josh EVERYWHERE I turn :) Is anybody having difficulty ordering off of FOJG? When I click on "buy now" - it doesn't do a thing - ugh :(

Well, another week ahead of us. Hope all of you had a glorious weekend jam packed with love and fun and memories. Josh hugs,

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