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Parent Worries

irishgirl127's picture
on October 5, 2007 - 7:31pm

I really need to listen to Josh big time right now. I visited my mother today and she's slipping further away from us. She's not expected to make it to Christmas. Every time I go to see my Mother it's gets harder and harder It breaks my heart. If I hadn't said it before my mother has Alzheimer's. She's gone down hill real fast in the last three months. She no longer speaks,is bedridden and she's lost so much weight there's very little to her.

My father is also going down hill just in the last two months. He had a temporary heart problem and just this week he was diagnosed with hydrocephalus- fluid on the brain and he also has brain deterioration. This man refuses to believe that he has a problem and continues to drive and it's a worry. He says that if the keys and car are taken from him he will go out and buy another car. I'm afraid he could have a bad accident and could kill someone else or himself. He's threatening to cut us kids out of his life if we don't leave him alone and that won't solve anything cause then we really can't keep track of him. I'm going to call the DMV and see what recourse we might have so that his license will be taken away. I know he won't drive then. It's tough having parents that never dealt with this kind of situation with their parents. He has no clue the pain and heartache we go through everyday worrying about his well being.

I felt the need to tell someone and you were it. I promise I won't do it very often. It's just that I'm feeling really low and very helpless. Thank you for listening I really appreciate it. It's definitely a Josh pick me up night.

Have a great weekend!!

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