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on October 22, 2007 - 9:21am

OMG I'm never leaving the house again! This hair cut is evil, I can't do anything with it!

And I'm supposed to go apply for jobs this week? It is just dropping off resumes, but I have no confidence right now, I know it is pathetic that my hair cut is factoring into this, but I want to throw things every time I see my reflection.

I have also noted I'm doing the same thing the last time I had a very short hair cut - I wont wear dark colours, I gotta have dangle earrings and all, cause I feel like a boy and gotta make sure my colours and everything are girly.

I was contemplating blowing the bank account and getting a perm by the end of the month to have my curls back...but with this length it can only go two ways - that little old lady look...or I'll end up looking like Josh Groban. *headdesk*

I've never been so out of sort over a hair cut in my life, ever. I can normally make the best of it, but this I can't. Maybe it is because my entire family loves it (except my niece, she still says it is bad and I should get my curls back), and this is coming from everyone in my family who won't change their hair style!

Like changing the colour is going to make me like it.

I want my curls back, now.

Okay...end rant.

So how is everyone else's Monday going?

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