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An apology

GrobAngel's picture
on October 27, 2007 - 6:31pm

Dear Josh,
When my fiance was at work today, I thought I might like to spend some time with my second favorite guy (you). So I got out some of my sheet music, went to the piano in my future in-laws' guest house, and started playing some of your songs.
I've been playing the piano since I was eight, and I'm twenty-four now. I love playing. I love seeing just how accurate my ear is when I glance at the sheet music. I love playing for myself what I previously only heard on a CD or the radio.
That being said, I wish to apologize here for butchering the beauty it has taken you 26 years to create for our listening pleasure. I apologize for every wrong note, for every beautiful instrumental passage that turned to mush today. True, I have not seen a piano since July; and true, I don't think that particular piano has been tuned at all this millennium. But those are not excuses, and I am not trying to pretend that they are. I will practice again tomorrow, I will insist that that piano gets tuned in the near future, and I will become better. Please accept my humblest apologies, and do not make me turn in my FOJG card.
Yours sincerely,

That's what I felt like writing after this afternoon's practice sessions. I am SOOO rusty!

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