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Life sometimes doesn't make sense

Chirpie's picture
on November 5, 2007 - 4:22pm

So I send my hubby to the dentist today. Gotta use up my FSA for the year because I thought I vastly overestimated what we would need. He needed what I thought was one cap because he said that. That will teach me to listen to a man, who for 20 years of his life simply walked into a military clinic to be seen and never paid a dime. Ends up he needs a partial to fill in a gap from baby tooth that was pulled a few years ago AND two crowns to anchor it. So what I thought would only be a few hundred dollar expense more than doubled in cost. Fortunately I'll get about half back, but that doesn't help me because I had earmarked that money for a bill. I swear, teaching hubby the ways of insurance and "real life" has become like teaching a teenager how to live on their own for the first time. It's like he never did it before he went in the military, yet I know better. UGH!!! Back to my creative accounting I see. And around the holidays to boot. Well at least I won't have lost any money on the FSA to the US government. Guess there is a silver lining somewhere.

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