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on November 17, 2007 - 4:42pm

The gremlins keep eating my journal entry, and my title sounds like a pirate... lol. Those durn gremlins invaded my work comp too, so now I have to restart it to listen to the doctor's dictations, but that still doesn't always work.

My head hurts. After about 2 hours working on Act 1, Scene 1, the producer said, "This is the most tedious rehearsal, a week and a half before we start." I said to those around me, "Thanks but I figured that out already." Not exactly the right attitude. I should have prepped myself when we started (an hour late) by praying that we'd have a good attitude. Tomorrow I'll do better.

Our rehearsal schedule for today said Act 1, 1-4 then Act 2 4-7, in full costumes today. We started late, then did the first scene until about 4:30. Finally we got moving at that point, and since I didn't have another scene for awhile I got to run to Burger King. A guy actually said he was going to ask if I wanted to go to dinner but since we didn't even have a dinner break that wouldn't work. So he just drove me to BK and we ate that in the sanctuary. He even offered to go get me food if I couldn't leave. Not too much longer we actually got to do the monk scene. We didn't get to practice coming out of the VW Bug, but we at least know how to exit. That took us to about 6:15. I watched a bit more of the play that I hadn't seen then left at 6:30 since my head's killing me. Who knows when they'll be done. Before they canceled today's Midnight Cry rehearsal, which is the very last scene, the running joke was that we'd be doing it at Midnight. :P

Since this guy at work was so keen on taking my pic a few weeks ago, I asked him to take pictures at rehearsal tomorrow of scenes I'm in.

I need water. Excedrin and dust dry me out. And I need to get my opening costume for tomorrow in case we actually ran it. I forgot today, but that turned out to be good because everyone in costume had to stand on stage for the longest time while the costume people approved of their outfits. I can sneak in tomorrow. Mom does costumes and she gave me mine so I know I'm fine. :P

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