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christmas morning

Nessa7's picture
on December 28, 2007 - 11:20pm

my mom (grobanite), dad (likes J's music), younger brother (closet grobanite), my nephew (grobanite) and i, were watching the disney christmas parade and opening christmas presents at the same time. well, it got to the part where they were introducing josh and my mom, derek (nephew) and i got confortable on the chair/sofa. derek ran to me and sat on my lap. when they mentioned josh, my dad and brother were talking and blabering. ok, well, josh starts to sing, btw, he did and incredible job as always, and my dad and brother are still talking. well, derek turns to the both of them and says, "SHUT UP!!" we all looked at him and started laughing. and i was like, "don't mess with josh or derek the bodyguard is going to escort you out!" which is funny because he goes a bit pass my knee and he's a skinny little thing. i've never heard derek say those words, but i guess when it comes to josh and his music, he's going to defend him. and my mom, being the grobanite that she is, started taking pictures of the television while he was performing. my dad looked at her weird and i just laughed.

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