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Idiots 'R' Us...

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on January 9, 2008 - 6:03pm

I swear some people are such idiots.

This afternoon I was listening to Billy Joel's "Greatest Hits" when a student came in for an appointment with her advisor. While waiting for her advisor, she asked who I was listening to. I simply replied, "Billy Joel". (I am not kidding) The student then asked with a confused look on their face, "Who is Billy Joel?" (Come on, people. Everybody knows who Billy Joel is - He's a music legend!) So, I started rattling off some of his more popular songs. As if a light bulb went off in this student's head, she replied, "Oh, I thought you were listening to some kind of elevator music like Josh Groban." (at this point I so wanted to lean over my desk and strangle her... But somehow managed to control myself - Josh... Elevator Music?? NOT!!). Instead, I calmly turned off Billy Joel and put Josh in (and turned up the volume a bit - Just for her benefit). Then replied, "To each his own."

A few minutes later, (after the student went in to her appointment) a co-worker asked why the sudden change in music? So I explained that she didn't know who Billy Joel is and thinks Josh is elevator music. She couldn't believe it either.

Talk about being an idiot. (not knowing who Billy Joel is and then thinking Josh sings elevator music!)

- Stephanie -

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