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on January 15, 2008 - 9:36am

I'm so excited, Hannah's first "recorded music" is playing on my CD player as I sit here. She recorded "Lullaby" by Billy Joel and "Hurt" by Christina Aguillera. I can't make it through HURT without crying. She does a beautiful job, along with the song and words being so so touching.

My son, Austin is 14. He seems a little "less than interested" in Hannah's life and music, but he made a cute comment the other night. The CD is recorded on a silver CD and as I was writing on it, he said, "Look, her first CD and it's platinum already" - I just cracked up. Pretty witty comment, don't you think?

So, I spent all day Sunday with sis at the Hospice House. It was a wonderful day. I brought her 2 cats with me and she cuddled up with Alley all day long. Angel was a bit scared and spent the day in the closet, but that's OK as we recalled that that's where he spent his time at her apartment anyway. See, I said, he feels "right at home." :)

It's been bitter cold here. Mr. Winter is gone yet, duh - I live in Minnesota for cryin' out loud! Spent most of my evening last night online trying to find a place to stay on the HILO side of Hawaii in February; it was 80 degrees there last week (sounds glorious). I can't wait to be where it's warm; it'll be good for my fibro.........hoping for no aches and pains in HI :)

OBI, I can't get my mind off your blog entry. I SO hope you're completely WRONG (I can say that to you in this instance).....let's hope so. Maybe if Josh reads it, it'll touch his heart? Yeah, like he has time to read all of our non-sense. Well, you're right, it's not non-sense, it's our LIVES. Let's all come together on this and send good vibes - I truly think in my heart that Josh is pretty well grounded and his family will help him stay there!!

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