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Dancin' Queen

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on January 26, 2008 - 3:19pm

Went to my first ballroom lesson last night :) I took it with the guy I, uh, kinda layed on during the Christmas show (i still laugh at that). It was so much fun! We did swing, and right from the start learned new things, though we did do the basic step for 15 minutes straight. But we added a kick ball change, where as I always did the usual step-back, so that was neat. Then we did salsa and mambo. We danced to that song that goes, "a little bit of monica..." and the lyrics keep talking about all the different girls "on the side". I thought, "I bet the pastor doesn't know we're in here doin' the salsa to these lyrics! such a Christian dance!" Cracks me up :) I'll call the guy I'm taking the class with "D"... He's a pretty good dancer. He even put on a nice shirt and lots of cologne for the occasion. I smelled like him by the end of the nice, which I have to admit I liked smelling like a guy. I'm still trying to figure out his intentions. He made a comment about how he forgets how to dance until he's dating someone who likes to dance, and then he's doing it again and it all comes back.. Not sure if that was a general comment or aimed at me?

They gave us 2 cds so we could practice dancing at home! There are 47 songs total! Cool songs I like, too, like dancin' queen, don't cry for me argentina, and rockin' robin. they have songs for rumba, swing, waltz, foxtrot, tango, cha cha, and even a vienesse waltz. I'm so excited!!

I wish I could go dancing tonight. Last week after church I went out to eat with a bunch of people from exile (29 of us!!), and found more dancin' guys! One has been dancing for a while, and even went to a workshop in DC last year where he got to dance with the people from "dancin' with the stars" (gasp!!). He said anytime I want to dance to just let him know. However I don't have his phone number and I think he's already dancing this weekend. There's one place that everyone dances, and I'd love to go there tonight. I texted the first dancing guy I met, A, who had the dance party at his house back in Oct or Nov, but haven't heard back. He's always dancing as well because he volunteers to help out at another dance place.

Dinnertime but I'll be back for part 2 :) TTFN!

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