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I Don't wanna title...

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on February 23, 2008 - 9:34pm

So I have to tell everyone what my Friday night was like. Well let's start around 6pm. I woke up from my nap then and decided to get dinner.. Chinese! YUMMY! So I have that and go see what my floormates are up too. Well they made about 50 jello shots with vodka in a variety of flavors. So I'm like ok, I'm staying out of this cause I don't need to get caught with alcohol or else I could get in trouble with my major. Im over 21 but we are not allowed to have alcohol in the dorms. So I'm like alright, I'll just drop by occasionally and see whats up. So around 9pm I come out of my room and see about 5 guys who were definitely not signed in at the front desk (which is a rule since i live in an all girls dorm) and I'm like ok, this is definently going to get out of hand at some point. So I went to my room and hung out but with my door open. Let's just say it was extremely loud even being 4 doors away from this room where there were about 14 people and lots of alcohol. Then about an hour later I see my friend dragging and literally holding up my neighbor. She is piss ass drunk, and is just making a complete fool of herself. Although it was funny for me because I was perfectly sober, but i did feel sorry for her. So about 11 or so she passes out cold in the one bunk bed, about 10 minutes later i see a few of my friends running down the hall. I peek my head out and the poor girl is vomiting her guts up. Needless to say I had to fight with other drunk freshmen girls as I tried to give them my medical knowledge as to what we should do with the girl. They were all like..oh go to bed we know you have to work @ 730am..and dont worry we got this.. The kind hearted person that I am bitched at the intoxicated freshman and helped clean up my poor neighbor till about 3am.

Today the poor girl has the worst hangover and whatnot.. I hope she learned her lesson.

Part 2...
This doesn't have to do with last night, but lately i have been feeling totally and utterly ignored, by so many people.. Not just from people here on the boards that I talk to offline...but in general. I feel shunned, and I don't like it. I feel insecure enough the way it is, I don't need to feel like an outcast. I need friends, its what keeps me going. I just feel totally and utterly lost right now. The only thing I know that is certain in my life right now is my trip in 10 days, school and my family. To quote clay aiken: "If I were invisible, wait I already am"

Ill admit I can be a bitch at times and not the best person to be friends with. But as I go through this issues in my life. I always have the same 2 friends by my side. Miles apart we are still tighter than most people I know. Im glad these two people see something in me worth opposed to other people. THey know my faults and accept me for who I am. They may not be able to call me back right away when I call them, but I don't have to panic and think I've upset them....I trust them with my life and know they will always tell me when I have done wrong.

PS: Im taking my laptop to Ireland so If I can find a wireless connection or get internet hooked up somewhere then I will so post a blog form the Isle.

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