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vijaykumar's picture
on April 5, 2008 - 12:07pm

Grrrr. it's been raining 4ever! i wanted 2 go shopping 2day, but everyone thinx it's 2 "dangerous" to be driving!
: )
i hate the rain. i mean, i know we 'need' it, but that doesnt stop me from hating it!
: )
now, i'm TRYING 2 talk, but nobody seems 2 hear me! what's going on!!?! oh my josh! oh well. i really luv josh. i think he should be a model. just like his ex.
: )
the only thing is, i'd spend soo much money on buying every magazine that he was in.
: )
i wonder why january and him broke up. i bet he broke up with her- no female (at least not me) would break up with him- unless he was like, being dumb but josh is very smart.
: )
well, if he's looking 4 a new girlfriend, then...........i could fill the spot!!! i'd be happy to do that!!! Jessalyn Groban...does that sound good? : o )

no, lemee correct that. i'd be happy 2 marry him! i have nooo problem with that!!!

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