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good morning

laurel's picture
on April 17, 2008 - 7:21am

It is a wonderful day in my neck of the woods.Even though it is a little cool this morning,the sun is up and the birds are in fine voice and no wind.I have the day off as I have to appear in court this today to help a motor vehicle accident victim present his case.My old job still haunts me as I will never have this role in my new place of employment.I don't mind being part of the process that finds the truth though.I will take my I-pod so I can listen to Josh on my walk home from the court house.I live in a small city [approx 60,000] and you can walk almost every where you go and I love it as that is the most purest form of exercise for your body.If people walked more I would have fewer people to see in my profession.I hope you have the same weather I have today so you can get out and stroll in it and enjoy.

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