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Hello for the first time in Forever

vijaykumar's picture
on May 25, 2008 - 8:13pm

Hello to everyone. I know I haven't written in well over a year, but at times, writing seems senseless. I am sure everyone can relate to a moment when life is too full of emotions to write...a time when writing down events that feel like fantasy would take away from the magic........

writing makes things real


Anyhoo, my life has changed now. My life is still complete, but I have added to make it more full.

On May 16th 2008 I graduated from Baldwyn High School. I will be attending Mississippi University for Women in the fall as a recepient of over $28,000 in scholarships. I am very proud of my awards.

Throughout my senior year, I became more of a person than I was before.....Last March, before the Josh Groban concert, I was quiet....but then, at the meet and greet, I met some friends that I will never forget....and we were all so hyper and happy and we all shared something in common:Josh.

It sounds crazy to say that a concert changed your life, but afterwards, I was more accepting of who I was.....

So, I started my senior year off right by campaigning to be student body president. I even gave a speech to the entire student body.....and I won against a cheerleader. That was a great accomplishment in my life.

I also became great friends with our exchange student....and he has been a great inspiration to me....He is from Seoul, South Korea, and I will visit him one day. He has been a great friend to me and I will always remember him.

Another thing I did this year was traveled to colleges trying to find one that was right for me. I took a greyhound bus (by myself) all the way from my home in Mississippi to Wisconsin to audition for a college. From there, I went back to Kansas City, Missouri, where I stayed for a few days with my host mom with whom I had stayed when I volunteered at the camp for disabled children...and I realized just how much I miss that felt so much like home....But to my disappointment, neither college accepted me into the program of study I want due to my saxophone skills. In mississippi, I play saxophone well, but in other states, I am well underskilled....

But that is Okay!

MUW is going to be a great college for me!

I am going to be a Music Therapist.....I want to help people portray their emotions through is music.......

That is enough for now. Maybe I will write in this journal a bit more often from now on! ^.^

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