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What's your job hunt story?

GROBanMELODY's picture
on May 25, 2008 - 8:59pm

I'm hesitant to post this because I'm worried about getting ahead of myself even though this is something that I really want.

I work in Human Resources so I deal with people on daily basis who are "just calling to check in on their application" or ask questions like "why wasn't I hired?" I really have enjoyed my internship so far and there's never been a moment where I've had an "I can't do this" thought. I've always enjoyed it. So I'm keeping my eye out for HR work locally but also back in California, specifically Long Beach (where I am from- wohoo Nessa!!! :) I had found a recruiting assistant position on Craigslist and based on the job description and the duties I've fulfilled at my internship thus far, it is something I was comfortable submitting my resume for. I contacted the email explaining why I felt I was qualified and interested in the position. I received a response saying I had experience and was asked a question. I responded and received another answer and I sent back a response to that one :) The thing of it all is if I were to get this job, it'd mean leaving my current internship versus at the end of summer but this is a serious full time job. I need this. I am not 18 years old and looking for my summer job- I need to make my first serious career move and to be able to do it and move back home to Long Beach would be great. I have family there and if this were something I got and say she wanted me to start two weeks from now, it would be madness trying to pack my stuff :) but it could be done and I'd have a place to stay- my mom and I can have stuff in storage til I'd save enough for myself to get my own place. See this is where I feel like I'm getting ahead of myself but at the same time I honestly feel this is something I can do. I just don't know if there are other people who applied for the position that this woman may feel are better qualified. I contacted her the day I saw the listing posted but who knows.

I'm just anxious waiting for another email back. It is a holiday weekend so I probably won't hear anything until Tuesday. I mapquested the office location from my mom's and it's about 13 miles which is a perfectly fine commute and I can totally handle that.

But I thought in the mean time to keep my thoughts off of that that I might perhaps solicit some of your "horror" stories in your past job of my favorite things about HR is when I receive applications and look at the felonies people have listed, you'd laugh at some of the doozies. So anything you've got- feel free to share :) I'm sure I've seen/read/heard it before :) but I always enjoy it...

Happy Monday!

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