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i miss the sun!!!!!!!

vijaykumar's picture
on June 9, 2008 - 12:36pm

Hey everyone! Well today was a good day and well its only about to get better hahaha. Ok so at work today I heard Josh not once but TWICE over the speakers and I was like its about dang time! I have never heard one of his songs twice in one day at work. I was sooo proud of them...they FINALLY played good music. Anyway in a little while I have to go get Fred some hay...and let me tell you its not going to be pretty. At ALL. Hay is $3.75 a bale! So thank you gas prices for screwing me once again. Oh well whats new? I wouldn't trade having a horse for anything. I just love him too much! :) Well let me see I can't wait until tomorrow! I get to go on a double date with my friend and her boyfriend Jimmy which is going to be a blast! Jimmy and Brandon get along so well they could be brothers. We plan on going out for dinner at Mongolian Barbeque and then my friend and I decided to humor the boys because they want to see Don't Mess With the Zohan, which to me looks like the most stupid movie I have EVER seen...just from watching the previews! But oh well we thought we would make them happy. Which it definitly seemed to work I might add. Hmmm..let me think...oh yeah! I just found out today that my first horse show is next Wednesday! I'm SOOOOO excited! Fred and I have been preparing like crazy so I'm hoping we are ready! What makes it even more special is that Brandon is coming and hopefully his parents too! Its going to be such a blast! I remember all the years I spent down at shows...the hot summer nights, the glow of the arena flood lights, and the best part of all running Fred around the barrels and feeling that nothing will ever stop us. Lots of people come to cheer me on, but to be honest when its just me and him in the arena running I can't hear a word they are saying. There is just nothing like it. Nothing will ever replace that feeling. So now I am way excited and have something great to look forward to next week!!!! YAY!!!!!! :) Well my fellow Grobanites have a great day!!!!!!

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