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Another day

tasiax's picture
on July 10, 2008 - 5:41pm

I thought I had an entry yesterday I guess it didn't save thanks for the comment MJKC9397. Inlaws comeing over this weekend for picnic and fireworks not my father in law but my step father inlaw and mother inlaw. My husbands parents have been divorced for almost 30 years and they don't talk. in fact my mother in law saw her ex husband last year and didn't even recognize him. My sister in law and brother in law chose to live stay with their mom all those years ago and my husband chose his dad. I don't know if my father in law would even recognize his owh daughter if sees her. There family has never been close it was hard for me fathom at first since my family is so close. They don't seem to want to be closer. I want to go 4 wheeling with my sister in law this weekend the 4 wheelers are stored at my father in laws a mile or so away, maybe my father in law will be there and I can introduce him to his My father in law lives by a river so I guess one day my husband I will get it. I love to hang out by the river bottom is so far from the rest of the world and no one is around such a pretty place a little buggy but I love it. I like to bring people there that have never been there and show there my favorite place. if you don'
t like the country it might be tough to take my freind says the country is to quiet and it makes her nervous... good I say more for I guess I am in a good mood tonight have a happy evening.

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