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Update on Stephanie & Other news

Irishgirl127's picture
on July 14, 2008 - 9:11pm

I was at the hospital today. Stephanie is still ccu and slowly stablizing. Earlier this morning the doctors thought because she wasin more pain than expected that she was bleeding internally and thought they may have to operate. THANK GOD!! They didn't have to. They are controling her pain with a higher dose of morphine. I took a stuffed dog to her so she would have something to cuddle with. That made her so happy. Something so simple and that in turn made me feel so good. What we're being told is that she will not be out of the woods for maybe 6 months or longer. They are actually killing the remainder of the tumor on her kidney. It will also take part of the kidney with it. Hey!! She's still alive!!! Thank you all for your prayers it means a great deal to me and to the family. The prayers are working.

The other news is that Missy's co-worker Michael wasn't feeling well last Monday and called in sick on Tuesday. He went to the doctor on Wednesday and was imediately admitted to the hospital. Since that time he has had 4 surgeries. He evidently has some type of infection that is toxic to the body so the doctors are having to go in take out whatever they can. That's all that the staff knows at this time. The doctors aren't sure if he'll make it to the end of the week. He's only 32. I know I'm asking a lot but if you could find your way to pray for him as well. It would be appreciated. Life is real CRAZY right now but I know that I will get through it.

Have a Joshin night.

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