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Soundstage on PBS

Cupid's picture
on July 19, 2008 - 11:23pm

Well, I just watched the "mini" version of Awake Live on PBS and you know...every time I see Josh on a talk show or see him perform it just reminds me one more time why i care for him so much. And because of that it both lifts me up and breaks my heart. It lifts me up because after a lifetime of searching I've finally found someone (and something) to give my life meaning and to make it all seem worthwhile. But it also breaks my heart because it brings up the fact that i'm 44-years old and never been in a relationship. Truly...I've essentially resigned myself to the idea that it's just not going to happen. After all, it's no secret that people are not knocking down the door to date people with disabilities. It really puts you in a position of focusing your attention on everything else so you won't keep thinking about it. Anyway, I Thank God for bringing Josh into my life because without the both of them i would need to seek professional help! No joke intended...Anyway, Take care and have a good night!

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