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a beautiful day

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on September 20, 2008 - 11:37pm

so, we got our youngest moved in to his new residence hall at UC Santa Barbara. If you're familiar with this part of california, i don't have to tell you how gorgeous it is there. if you're not, i can't do it justice in a simple blog. suffice it to say that santa barbara combines the best of california's heritage and beauty, all in one place. the architecture around town is decidedly california missioin-style, but upscale with first-rate shopping, and beach town casualness. so, it's a sweet place to live (hence the average price of a home around $800,000--and that's since the housing market started to fall---it used to be over $1.1 million). We got tim down there early, so he could stake his claim for the best bed, etc. we stayed, helping him to put his stuff away, having lunch, and such, and none of his other 3 roommates checked in. nor have they shown up by now (11:30 PM). tomorrow is the second check-in day, so they'll probably arrive then. who knows??? classes don't start til thursday, so they might trickle in all week. so my son had the place to himself, and was going bananas with boredom. my daughter drove down there to visit her best friend, and they took my son out to dinner. as UCSB grads, they no doubt gave him the lowdown on what he needed to know as a newbie in town.
but i wanted to talk about the beautiful day. of course i'm sad that my baby has temporarily flown the nest, but, i'm okay with that. he'll be fine. as we were driving home in the early afternoon, i just looked out the window of the car and marvelled, as i always do, at the absolute beauty of my part of california. the drive between our town and the campus is mostly open and unpopulated. the hills are filled with live oaks, which are lovely trees. the sky and ocean were bright blue, and with the green of the oaks, the gold of the grasses on the hillsides, and the bright salmon-pink of poison oak this time of year, it was a riot of color. the sunlight even changes at this time of the year, casting a golden glow over the hills. it was a lovely 75 degrees, with a slight breeze, and so tranquil. i've lived in california my entire 53 years, the last 15 here, and i never lose the sense of awe and appreciation for just how beautiful it is here. i grew up in the LA suburbs, with town growing into the next town, webs of freeways, buildings, malls and cars, so, the drive between santa barbara and home is never taken for granted, even when the weather isn't so grand. i love the ocean, and even though i don't go to the beach very much, i would miss it terribly if i had to live far away from it. i love the oaks and the golden hills, whether filled with cows or vineyards. sometimes, it just hits you how much you love your home, and today, it hit me right between the eyes.

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