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Gonna make an admission here

ObiWanCannoli's picture
on September 21, 2008 - 10:02pm

And I want you to keep this to yourself! Can I trust you to do that? I can? Okay ... here goes ...

I was honestly scared of Josh being on the Emmys. I thought the whole idea of him singing those songs was pathetic ... I wanted to grab him by the shoulders and ... errm SHAKE him -- that's right I wanted to SHAKE him and ask him what the heck was wrong with him that he would agree to do something potentially harmful like that but ... and I'm gonna eat my words here - he was fantastic! And I don't think it was necessarily the song that made it wonderful but the man himself. I wasn't even going to watch it - I was just going to hear the responses and THEN watch it if it was decent. But ... the closer it got I had to admit I was thrilled about seeing him perform. What can I say, he does that to me! ::snicker:: anyway ... I made the family gather around so that they could see hotstuff either make an ass of himself or nail it and the family was IMPRESSED!!! Paul just LOVED it and can't stop talking about it, Emma sat on my lap and watched the whole thing quietly and when it was over got up and ran away. Even Caryn sat giggling as Josh did his thing ... I felt a warm feeling as I watched him and heard the comments from my family about how good he was. So I can continue to hold my head high and admit that I'm a Groban fan without hiding and denying. Thanks Josh, I do appreciate it hotstuff. Now do me a favor young man ... go back into that studio and give us a new CD because we NEEEEEEEEEEEED it!!!! We love you dearly, we really do.

Now I'm just afraid of one thing ... that he'll get too popular and he won't have time for us anymore. ::sniffle:: you wouldn't ditch us would you HRH?? ::sniffle::

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