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Hate men ... thank God Josh

ObiWanCannoli's picture
on September 22, 2008 - 2:09pm

... well I was gonna say "isn't a 'man'" but really he is - well actually I can't say for sure cuz I've never seen ummmm yeah well anyway ... He's REAL to me but not REAL in the way that I know him and he has the opportunity to treat me like crap. Oh wait, he HAS treated me like crap and I don't know him. Whoa this isn't turning out so well now is it? So yeah, let me try to get to the point. My relationship with my husband stinks and it's not like this is some sort of NEW revelation - it's stunk since we met but if you knew all the circumstances then you would know why. I don't have time and you don't have the extreme boredom to keep you sitting here reading all they whys. So anyway, lets just say that liking Josh is far superior to any relationship I've ever had with any other man ... why? Because Josh is anything I want him to be. He's kind and considerate of my feelings, he would NEVER do anything to upset me - purposefully of course! He showers me with gifts of his voice and laughter. He takes me away from my real life and allows me to live with him in my head. It's pretty cool actually. And sometimes I write down what goes on in my head and then go back and read. That's pretty cool too. He's wonderfully charming, witty, intelligent, funny as hell, talented ... kind, considerate, gentle, he's always there when I need and want him and not when I don't. He's what I want him to be and not what HE wants to be and that suits me just fine. Can you tell hubby is 'on the list' today? ::snicker::

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