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on October 8, 2008 - 4:11pm

It's no secret that communication is not my strong point and that sometimes I put my foot in my mouth. Having spent so much time alone I really don't relate well to people. Here's a dilemma...If you talk to everyone the same not everyone will understand you and that leads to misunderstanding. If you talk to everyone differently then they think you're talking down to them. If you try to correct the misunderstanding then you run the risk of hurting their feelings but if you don't then they just remain uninformed. BTW, if I've ever said anything to irritate anyone then please understand that it wasn't intentional and that if I do Please tell me so I will understand why. I really feel that it's better to be told then for someone to have have hurt (or irritate) someone and have that person not say anything and hold it against you. Or worse yet, freeze you out. I hope this makes i said words are not my strong point. Have a nice night! Roger

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