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vijaykumar's picture
on February 8, 2009 - 12:11am

*Sigh* Many days have passed by and im dazed. My heart sighs of just meeting new people (guys in general). Ive never met someone who was interested in my personality rather than my assets. I dream of a love so strong and pure. So be held, hugged, kissed as being a woman in love. To built a bond, trust with a guy. To know that when my days are rough, he will comfort me. And the same back to him as he would tlc have so much love to give, its bottled up inside (like a volcano ready to erupt). I may not say it, but I definitly feel it.

Its funny I watch old movies and see the love of two characters and I sigh because I wish I had something like that. Grabbing someone and kissing them till they give up ;P knowning that their love will last forever. The way someone is held in each others arms, secured and safe. The feeling of being loved or giving someone that love that no one else can give.
Convidence and positive thinking. Im of course patient yet cant wait with excitement because when he comes along...oh what a day that will be..what a day

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