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on March 10, 2009 - 3:25pm

It's been a Joshful day today. I love days like this!!! Dave took me out to lunch at our favorite italian restaurant. It felt sooooo good to get out. The food was good too! I'm full after just a litle bit of food so leftovers tonight. Hooray!!!

The day is sunny and cold but I'm loving it. JR is almost back to his usual playful self. I'm so grateful for that. He actually jumped into the air and twirled around when he saw me walk in the door. That's my puppy! Yeah...right. I know he's 16 but he'll always be my puppy.

I did something special for myself and Missy today too. I ordered myself a diamond and sappire ring and Missy a diamond ring for a fraction of what they will be sold for in the coming Avon book. I couldn't resist. I buy Missy things she wears them to work,people see them and want to order so it's to my benefit to buy her things from the catalogs. It's good business for me and I can write it off. She's been a great selling tool and she enjoys the items I buy for her. t's a win win situation.

Josh has been in my head and in my heart today. I'm loving it. Lullaby has been playing and now I'm tired after my first day out in a week. I think I'll take a rest for a while.

Here's a saying for the day: Life must be lived with love and humor
Love to understand and humor to endure.

Have a Joshzappy day!!


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