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Springing forward.....

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on March 10, 2009 - 3:41pm

Joy unspeakable.......Spring is almost here. I can't tell you how refreshing it is to see sunlight.
At lunch yesterday with my coworkers, we struggled with turning up towards the mountains or heading back to the office. Absolutely gorgeous day here in E. Tennessee and the blooms are not even out yet.

Well....I have to mention about Reagan's new little "friend" she has. Very interesting situation. His name is Danny. Adorable kid. They talk on IM and phone and every other electronic device known to mankind. They became pretty good friends about a month ago. One day he IM'd Reagan to tell her he was really upset because everyone hated him because he admitted that he was BI. He liked a boy. As in liked liked. His best friend named Zach to be exact.
Reagan said "well...what does that have to do with our friendship? I'm not gonna hate you for it."

So, he immediately relaxed and they never talked about it again.

She told me about it last week and I was like "Wow...oookay."

I didn't make any kind of deal out of it. They even met up at the mall a week or so ago. Reagan, Danny and Zach running around the mall laughing and having a great time.
They even get on the phone on 3 way and talk.

With our religious background, that particular lifestyle goes against our beliefs. One night at dinner I asked about their relationship and if they like.. held hands or anything. Reagan just rolled her eyes at me and laughed. She said "We don't talk about any of that."
I laughed back and said "Well...ok...just wondering."
Then I said "Well, they seem like great kids, but you know how Dad and I feel about that type of lifestyle as well as our church." Then I went on to say..."You need to look in the Bible and decide what's right in your heart. I can't make your belief system for you."

Gaahhhhh.......they didn't put that chapter in the parenting book!!! LOL!!!

I told her to just try to love people, serve God and serve others and protect yourself the best you can against negative influences. I'll stand in the wings and try to guide her as best as I can, but it's so HARD sometimes.

Who knew I would have to have a convo like this with my kid at 13.

It's hard to stand up for your beliefs without coming off as being a hater.
Heck, I like a band where the lead male singer looks just like a way I'm a hater. He says he's not gay......I don't care what he is. I love their music.

An..y..way.....I just don't want Reagan to have feelings for this kid and wait in the wings in hopes that maybe the switch will flip in her direction. So far, I think it's a legitimate friendship only. Reagan has a lot of guy friends. She says they're easier. Very true!

P.S. Shirley..thanks for explaining a little bit about Lent to me. Interesting!!

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