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Greatest Hits...

SamanthaJ3's picture
on March 29, 2009 - 11:11pm

I'm looking forward to Monday so that I can rest up from the weekend. It's been a whirlwind in places, but tomorrow might be a bit quieter. We'll see, right?

I'll do my JG reference early in the post today. If you're in the US and have Cartoon Network, you might have seen Josh Groban on Tim & Eric tonight. JG did the funniest take on a commercial that I've seen in awhile. I was wondering what he'd be doing when the episode first started, but his segment of it was really funny.

Onto more mundane things - it's COLD here again. Last week it was 70 degrees here. Today we never made it out of the 40's. I guess it's winter's last huzzah, so I'm glad that I haven't put away my winter coat yet. Hopefully none of the trees and flowers will freeze tonight if the temperatures dip down below freezing.

Okay, short entry tonight, but more to come tomorrow. Dream well, and have a great start to the new week! :-)

-waves and throws star dusted dreams-

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