Beautiful album...Love the duet with Faith Hill. She has always been a favorite of mine too.

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It took me 5 yrs to finally purchase Josh's Christmas CD. I love it...especially Petit Papa Noel. Spent my childhood years in Provence, France. My father had purchased a cassette tape of the Vienna Boys' Choir and played it during the Christmas season. They sang "Petit Papa Noel" beautifully....and Josh Groban now sings it no less wonderfully!!!

I really love the album, you are awesome and an amazing singer


one josh groban song is kindof pretty? 747 in a row not so much. the xmas radio station plays the heck out of this album. it might as well be josh every song, I wouldnt hear it any less. The girls here at the office thought it would be funny to play this instead of the radio. Woooooo thx Josh, way to make me not like any of these songs anymore!

This is an awesome collection. I love Petit Papa...the one song I don't understand, best of all on this album. It will become a tradition, timeless, no doubt.Long after I leave this world, Noel will still play on...

I was decorating our tree with my family tonight and couldn't help but think Noel would be perfect music for the occasion. However, I can't bring myself to play the album this year because Josh put Straight to You on Illuminations. It seems like an oxymoron to produce incredible Christmas songs and then sing "the saints are drunk howling at the moon". Josh was my absolute favorite singer until that song.

This is by far my favorite Christmas album! I could listen to it all year. And whenever I hear "I'll be home for Christmas" I get tears in my eyes. Simply Beautiful.

Great album. A duet with David Phelps would be great.

I can hear the album all the year around.