The Prayer (Live Duet With Celine Dion)

The Prayer (Live Duet With Celine Dion)

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The Prayer

This is my very favourite duet: "The Prayer" Josh's duet with Celine Dion. I prefer it to Andrea Bocelli's duet with Celine. I have a problem in getting this duet (Josh and Celine.) Since it can only be purchased from iTunes and I am a Canadian living in Italy, I cannot get it as I have to use iTunes in Italy which does not have this MP3. Tried the UK and the USA sites but iTunes connects me back to Italy--vicious circle. May this duet be made into a single? Or may it be added to an album at some point??? Your voices match in this duet though I am not a great fan of Celine as I am more of a classical music fan. Never sell yourself short, Josh, you are as good, if not better, than the best of singers. I sang for 13 years, studied music and sight-reading at university and had voice lessons so, unfortunately as it turns out, I can usually hear a wrong note--and Josh you are dead on as far as my experience goes. I'm a new fan of yours so am now collecting all of your music. I am disabled and in a wheelchair because of a failed back surgery performed by the best spinal surgeon in the world...and the days can be long though I keep myself busy. However, singing was what I loved the most in life and what I miss the most in my life--like I have a hollow void in my heart and soul. After hearing you sing, however, you inspired me so much that I thought I might get a keyboard and try to get a little of my voice listening to your voice and getting to know you better through your different interviews, you are an inspiration to are helping me close the void that has been gnawing at me since I became disabled. "You raise me up..." Julia Paulina

I just don't use iTunes, please make available on AMAZON!! Deej
I love Charlotte Church and Celine Dion, works either way for me.

lol...would have rathered to hear the ACTUAL Celine Dion and Josh duet ;)
I got so excited when I saw it!! yesm..could it be changed? :)
I think Josh and Celine are the GREATEST singers of ALL TIME! There are no voices that can be so beautifully blended than Josh's and Celine's :D

Hi ! I believe there's an error on the song : it's not the duet with Celine Dion but with Charlotte Church ^^ ?! Maybe can you correct that ? ... I love that song with Celine, it's soooo beautiful :-) !! Thx