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My son went PEeeeeee

on December 13, 2006 - 8:22pm

Ok, I know this won't mean much to you, but my precious little son went Pee on the potty today. He is only 4, and been a real stubborn kid to potty train, so this was a big deal for him. FOR ME TOO!!!!!! He is one of those kids that want to stay a baby as long as he can. Anyway, just wanted to share my news....... LOL..... I have such a life!!!! HAHAHAH!

Good night my sweet Grobie friends. I hope you have wonderful dreams tonight that take you to places that you have never been... Hugs to all who so need one!!!

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A truly BROWN moment..........

on December 13, 2006 - 12:33pm

Good afternoon to all. Been busy as a bever trying to get things done today. Haven't really had to much time to play. The weather is a bit overcast and and looks like we are in for more rain. Oh, how I so love the rain. The only thing I don't like about it is when we take the dog outside to do his business, the dog won't go. Apparantly he isn't quite comfortable about peeing in the rain. But then, who would be? Oh, and I did say dog, not spouse! LOL...Although I can't really say I have ever asked spouse if he liked peeing in the rain or not....HAHAHAHAHAH! Ok, I am officially a goober. But the dog is still on my s**t list. Last night caught him trying to lick the dinner. I made steak, and I THOUGHT it was high enough for him to stay out of reach, but as soon as I turn my back, Brownie is going after supper. UGHHH! If it isn't the stupid garbage, it is dinner. Needless to say he spent some time in his kennel after that. I tell you, young dogs are so much like kids, and the fact they get into EVERYTHING. Just the other day, I was laying in my bed and I could hear my daughter Sarah yelling in the kitchen. She was yelling, "Brownie just sniffed my butt...Gross". It took me several days to stop laughing over that.If you spend anytime with this family, you would probably shake your head in astonishment at the kind of conversations we had after that moment. When you have kids, conversations generally end up going down into a disgusting level. Why is that? Yep, every moms dream is to explain to their child why dogs sniff butts... Yikes! HAHAHAH! It is also why I am not one for dogs to lick me in the face. LOL...No, thats not the reason why we call our dog Brownie either!

Went on another night walk last night after spouse got home. Yes, I took my same old CD with me as usual. Something about the AWAKE cd that really is soothing to me when I find myself in a quiet moment.I am not sure what it is, but I have been drawn to it constantly. Especaially if I am feeling a little out of sorts. It could be that it is still new to me, and so I haven't gotten sick of it yet, but I doubt I will ever. But when ever I find some moment to truly call my own, I generally play music and it is normally something I can either relate to, or something that makes me recall a time and place in my life. Like the song Awake itself. For some reason, that song above all the rest hit me stronger last night then it has before. I am not sure if it is the words itself, or how Josh sings them, but it really brought out my feelings for my kids. Rumor has it, that Josh wrote that song for has parents, which in itself is pretty cool. I can only imagine how they feel after hearing something like that from their son. But when I hear it, I almost always picture my own son. I can picture him sitting on my lap with his little hand in mine looking up at me as if to wonder if I will always be there for him. I picture this more so with him, then with my daughters. I guess because he is still a baby in my eyes, and I can see him slowly turning into a regular kid, a regular kid who doesen't need mom as much. He is my last kid, so when he grows up, all my babies will sort of be gone. Yes, they will always be "my babies", but their youthful innocence will all be just a memory. Life changes way to fast sometimes. I am not sure if I am ready for all its changes. Is anybody? Yes, I want more time to feel this way. We can't stay like this forever, but I can have you next to me today..... I adore those lines....And, at the end of this beautiful song, right before he sings the last line, the words and music just soars so nicely together, that it just makes me want to fly away to somewhere like no other place. It is amazing what good music will do to me. Josh really did a great job on this CD. Best one yet. Woo hoo, Groban knows how to please the ladies... HAHAHAHHAH! I am so a DORK! You know, its almost a shame Josh is who he is. After all, he can't get Joshed like the rest of us Grobanites.....HAHAHHAH! I must have had too much of "Grandpas cough medicine" again.........LALALALA!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, son has just fell asleep on the couch as I don't think he is feeling the great today. He has been rather in a grumpy mood. Poor kid. Poor me! That means it is quiet here at the moment and I can actually hear myself think. Which somedays, I am not sure if that is a good idea. LOL! Hope everyone is smiling through their days making the most of it. Its a great time of year to make someone smile. But then, every day of the year is a great time to make someone smile.

My tip for today is not to let the dog play with its own poop. Yuck!. Sheesh, dogs!................

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Working through Emotions

on December 12, 2006 - 11:21am

Gustine is sure wet on this beautiful Tuesday morning as the rains and clouds have filled our lovely little town. The weather is making the need and desire for warmth and relaxation even more stronger. I am deeply appreciating it as I sit here with my hot chocolate that I got from the local gas station and finding myself a bit of quiet time this morning.

I took the girls to see Happy feet yesterday afternoon and I discovered I did not enjoy it as much as I hoped. The movie itself was ok, but I just had a whats wrong with me moment.Have you ever been a room filled with people and still felt like you were alone? I just sat watching the movie and just felt a lonely moment hit me.I Can't really even explain why either. So after the movie, I took the kids home where spouse and son were totally all over the house.Nothing was picked up, dishes were not done, still tons of laundry to do, and I still felt like I was pretty much alone. I went back to the bedroom to watch the Oprah show that I had taped from earlier that day.It was a way in hopes to making myself feel a bit better. Usually I don't tape her show, but I knew Michal Buble and Josh were going to be on it. My two favriote singers whom I so adore so much.IN ONE ROOM!!!!!!! It was amazing to see the two of them together. A fans dream! I must say,they both sounded absolutely wonderful as usual. It was also an odd combo of performers. Tony Bennet and Carrie Underwood also appeared and sounded great too. I can understand Michael and Tony as their musical styles are the same, but when you throw in Carrie and Josh, it makes it a bit more interesting.I really thought Josh did great with the song he did. Michael too. But then either one of them could sing Twinkel Twinkel Little Star and I would love it. HAHAHAHAH. One good thing about recorded things, is you can skip through all the parts you don't want to see. I sat there watching the performances a few times and started feeling a bit emotional again. I am not sure if it was my struggles with my own relationship, or the hormanal roller coaster that being a woman brings that got to me, or maybe it was just the stress level of being a stay at home mom. Regardless of what it was, I hated the feeling of what it does to my mind and body. Instead of sitting in the feeling and letting it consume me, I chose to walk it off. I grabbed my headphones and CD player and went out for a night time stroll.Once again, I brought my Groban cd,( as usual) as it seemed to be very suitable for a night time adventure.His music always seem to calm me.Atleast it has every time I have used it for a calming method anyway. Just listening to the sounds as I walk through streets that were glowing from the shimmering lights of Christmas decorated houses was simply an amazing moment. There is something mesmerizing about listening to calming music as I walked peacefully by myself through the wet neighborhood.. I could still smell the rain, and the smell of the surrounding fireplaces burning some wood and the smells just lifted my senses right up. I must have walked about 40 minutes just entranced with the moment I was in. I got closer back to my house and could finally see the stars starting to come out from behind the lingering clouds. What was on my mind during that walk? Not much ( as usual) LOL. I just sort of listened to the music and every note, every beat, and every breath for air before each word that was sung.It is quite remarkable when you have no distractions keeping you from truly listening. Want to try something mind calming? Try listening to some music that grabs on to your spirit, and just walk on a night that you can see a clear sky filled with stars. The music just sort of is endless in my ears as it is in the sky. Hard to describe unless you try it. I only saw a few stars last night, but it was totally enough to be a spirit lifter thats for sure. I got home, and although I wasn't completely over the emotions that I was feeling, I think the addrenniline really helped remove some of the worries that were bothering me. It is amazing what a little phyical activity can do to the mind. It is probably why I seem to wanting to do more of it. It really feels great!

IN OTHER BROWN FAMILY EVENTS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOL>>>> Christmas is around the corner, and my children have the rest of this week before they are off for three. Happy Happy Joy Joy. Can you tell that was sarcastic? I love my kids, but being off for 3 weeks, means 3 weeks of fighting with each other, 3 weeks of no homework, 3 weeks of extra cleaning and 3 weeks of wanting to watch tons of TV... YIKES!!! The good news is my daughter Emily has a clarinet recital on Thursday. She seems to be enjoying it more and more as she practices it more and more. She makes me so proud. This will be her first concert she performs! Wish her luck!

Well, I am gonna to do some things today hopefully. I certainly hope everyone has finished their Christmas shopping and not waiting til the 24th to start. I am done with mine! Yahoo! My tip for today is to go share a hug with someone. There is also someone who probably needs one. And they are free! So I send to all a virtual hug....................(((((((((hugs)))))))))))))

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More Christmas tunes from the goober

on December 11, 2006 - 10:50am

Ok, my newest Christmas tunes.HAHAH. I know I started a thread on this, but heck, why not here too.... I am a goober, I know!

Your beginning to look a lot like a Grobanite

Everywhere you go;

Take a look at your self, and whats on your shelf

With tons of pics, and pixi sticks for show

Your beginning to look a lot like A Grobanite,

Grobans picture as your groom

But the prettiest sight to see is the Josh Groban CD

In your own bedroom

A pair of llama PJ's and a few CJ's

and a picture of our friend Wyatt;

Dolls that will sing and show us everything

In the hopes it won't cause a riot;

And Hogs and children will roll their eyes for when the tour starts again.

Your beginning to look a lot like a Grobanite

Everywhere you go;

There's a poster over your bed, and you can't get him out of your head,

As you impatiently wait for him to show.

Your beginning to look a lot like A Grobanite;

Soon the Chaos will start,

And the thing that will make us Ring is the when Josh Groban sing's

Right within your heart.

Groban Wonderland

Josh Groban sings

are you listening

to his voice

That we're all missing

A beautiful sound

as we hit the ground

walking in a Groban wonderland

Gone away is the front row

Here to stay is the back row

He sings a love song

as we scream right along

walking in a Groban wonderland

In our homes we can build ourselves a Groban

Then pretend it is Groban himself

He'll say : Are you married?

we'll say: Hell no

But you can do the job

while your on my shelf

Later on

I won't tell you

what we dream about his shoe

His face is very afraid

about the plans that we've made

walking in a Groban wonderland

In the car, we scream out Groban

and pretend that he is next to us

We'll have lots of fun with Mr Groban

but only after the kids gets on the school bus

When he sings

ain't it thrilling

through our hearts, hes a killing

we'll post and play

the Groban way

walking in a Groban wonderland

walking in a Groban wonderland

The Groban's song

Your a sneaky one, Mr Groban

I can almost see you smurk

You log on so quietly, you drive us all bizzerk, Mr Groban

Your a FOJG friend who likes to lurk

You're so clever, Mr Groban

we don't know when your ever around

Your brain is filled with usernames, you never make a sound, Mr Groban

If we knew who you were, we'd all hit the ground

Your forgetful, Mr Groban

trying to remember your password at night

You have the long term memory of a Love sick Grobanite, Mr Groban

Given a choice between the two of us to remember, I bet the love sick Grobanite.

Your're a teaser, Mr Groban

Your the king of our unusal thoughts

You pose in some great pictures, that makes us swoon alot, Mr Groban

You're one classy dude with a killer smile, that just happens to make too many women hot

You amaze me, Mr Groban

no postings for so long

but we know your busy with your time and schedule, while promoting all the new songs, Mr Groban

Your voice is a bunch of appealing sounds overflowing with the most graceful

assortments of beautiful words, making us all want to wear A Thong

I think your scared, Mr Groban

of the things we post on the boards

We know your heart is still wide open, your words still makes us all floored, Mr Groban

The three words that best describe you are as follows, and I quote,

"You are adored"

The Grobie song

Grobanites posting on the message boards

Josh Groban lurking when he can

Brand new songs being sung, that we all so adore

as Grobies stare at this talented young man

Every body knows Josh Groban

really has a life

so we all know he won't post too often here

Many women, with their thoughts, of being his future wife

make their hogs down a whole case of beer

They know that Grobans on his way

he has given us brand new songs

and a new tour, crap, I can't wait

And every husband I know, is going to spy

to see if their women are really swooning over this guy

And so I'm sticking to what I know best

by posting in every thread I find

Although it's been said

many times, well, you know the rest

Josh Groban is one heck of a guy

There goes Josh Groban

There goes Josh Groban

There goes Josh Groban

Right down Grobania Lane

Brian and Wyatt and all their stalkers

are making him insane

Grobies posting, some are boasting

All is strange and weird

They stare at his picture, sit on cubes

so Josh Groban is running in fear

There goes Josh Groban

There goes Josh Groban

Right down Grobania Lane

He's got a concert to attend to

to satisfy the groupies again

hear those llamas go mroof mroof

What an abnormal sight

He jumps in his bed, screams off his head

cause Josh Groban is running tonight

I saw mommy kissing a picture

I saw mommy kissing a picture

on her computer screen last night

She didn't think I saw

the drool come out of her jaw

She thought that I was playing

in my room and having a ball

Then, I heard mommy scream Josh Grobans name

Underneath the desk in such a strange mood

Oh, what a heck it would have been

if daddy hadn't been drinking so much Gin

and saw mommy kissing a pic of some dude

Josh the Scruffman

Josh the Scruff man, is a handsome young stud

With golden pipes that every one knows

and so many women going thud

Josh the scruff man had a hairy face they say

He sometimes shaved what the women craved

but the stubble always grew back that day

There must have been some magic in the

old razor the Grobies found

For when they tried to place it on his face

Groban was no where to be found

Oh, Josh the scruff man

was AWAKE as he could be

And the women knew that, he could

post and chat, just the same as you and me

Thuddy thud thud

Thuddy thud Thud

Look at Groban go

Thuddy thud thud

Thuddy thud thud

Watching his stubble grow

Josh the scruff man knew

the women were hot that day

So he said " Behave,

or I might have to shave

before you right click, and save"

Down to the studio

with a CD in his hand,

running through a tube all

around a cube saying,

"Shave me if you can."

He led them down the streets of LA

right to his mom and dad

and he only paused a moment when

he realized teasing them makes them even more glad

For Josh the Scruff man

had to hurry on his way

But he waved to his buds saying

"don't you thud,

" cause I will be shaving again some day."

Thuddy thud thud

Thuddy thud thud

Look at Groban go

Thuddy thud thud

Thuddy thud thud

Watching his stubble grow!!!!

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Bringing home Josh

on December 10, 2006 - 7:30pm

Just got back from being out to dinner with the family, and a little night time Christmas shopping. It was great because I walked into Barnes and Nobel, and the first thing I did was check out the music department. The first thing that caught my eye was a huge cardboard cut out of Josh! The CD's were almost all gone too.HAHAHAH. Yes, I asked , ok, more like my husband asked if we could have him. The manager is suppose to call me back, but so far we are the first to claim him. HAHAHAH. So, with any luck, I may be bringing Groban home with me. LOL.....My spouse then suggested I get one for every room of the house. Hmmmmmmmm, not a bad idea eh? HAHAHA. Needless to say, it put a smile on my face. A Grobanites dream...........



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