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still can't get on the boards

on November 23, 2007 - 9:34am

still can't get on the's a bit frustrating. how will i get to see just how crisp and clear my new monitor is???? i'm going from a 15-inch one to a i can see josh's face in near-life-size....wheee! but i can't get on to view all the lovely pics people have posted.....drat..

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happy thanksgiving

on November 22, 2007 - 7:37pm

well, more people said they're having trouble than not (lucky you, nessa), it's not just me...i'd wonder about renewal, but wyatt fixed me up with that, so i know i'm current (and gundarocks is new, so her membership is current)....i sent wyatt an email thru my regular email, and perhaps he'll fix it when he comes in tomorrow, or over the weekend, or next week....if they know there are problems, maybe they'll make someone come in over the holiday weekend (sorry, guys!)to get it straight.
we're having our big turkey feast tomorrow, so tonight, we had hamburgers. one of my sons' friends was over, having had his big dinner earlier, and he had a burger with us...i have everything ready to go for tomorrow, though...i have the turkey brining in a big ice chest, the chopped onions, celery, and such is waiting for the stuffing mix, and the pies are in the fridge. i'll make cranberry sauce tomorrow....yummy! can't wait, cuz our burgers were less than spectacular (i'm not a fan---just of In-N-Out's burgers) so, for all of you here, hope you have a nice sleep tonight, with your belly full of tryptophan....

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trouble with boards????

on November 22, 2007 - 1:45pm

anyone having trouble accessing the boards??? i have not been able to get on since yesterday.....i just get this blank screen, with no FOJG photos or words, with a single number 0.....i couldn't even get this to come up til today....we just had our computer worked on, so i'm wondering if this is a system thing, or if it's my computer.
any input would be appreciated.
thanks......have a good thanksgiving, too!!!

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i have my computer back

on November 21, 2007 - 12:18am

our computer has been down for the past two weeks...i've gotten on sporadically with my son's laptop, but he doesn't like to let us use it (he bought it with his hard-earned money, so it's cool)...we got ours back today, but the hard drive was gone, so i'm having to put things back on....lost my collection of josh photos i've saved over the years, but i have a lot on my flashdrive, so, i'll eventually find most of the others here. i lost all of my itunes, too, which sucks. i have them on my ipod, so i guess i can put them back on the computer, but it's a hassle.....i should do it, though, and put it all on cd, so if something happens to my ipod, i won't lose them completely.
but, anyway, thanksgiving's in a couple of days.....we'll be having our turkey on friday, since a couple of my kids won't be able to make it on thursday. but, on thanksgiving, my HOG and i are going on a nature walk with the local Nature Conservancy group, and we're going to plant sounds kind of silly, to some, but, i think it will be a really good thing to do for Mother Earth. the oaks are indigenous, but in this area, they were plowed under long ago because some guy thought it'd be a good idea to plant groves of eucalyptus, thinking he'd be able to make a fortune...but the kind of eucalyptus they planted isn't good wood for much of anything (except perhaps feeding koalas, and we don't have any of those here!!!). so, the oaks need a little boost to get going there again. we have oaks all over the hills around us--they are my favorite tree, and i'm happy to spend a couple of hours tramping about, learning about the area, and giving back to the earth for a change. the weather should be in the upper 60s, with sunshine, so, it'll be a nice morning. walk off some calories before i eat too much on friday.....
hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving with those you love, and remember to drive safe and sober....

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on November 15, 2007 - 10:17pm

first of all, congrats to nessa for being the fan of the day.....i know she'll read this, so, that's for you, honey!! i've been waiting for years, and i've never been least, not that i know of.....used to be, i only came on here every week or so....silly me!!!
well, i get all next week off....we're not going anywhere for thanksgiving, but will have the big feast with the immediate's a lot of fun, even with no one else here....we are one family that actually gets along, and when we all sit down to a meal, we tend to get a little goofy, still playing the game, "Look What I Can Do", where we display all our old tricks, like hanging a spoon off a nose, or making the wine glass hum by running a wet finger around the rim. no one has come up with anything new in ten years, but we still laugh our butts off, and have a really nice time....there is no such thing as propriety, but we draw the line at bodily sounds. the rule has always been, if you fart at the dinner table, you don't get dessert, and those costco pumpkin pies are too good to risk, we laugh and we do silly things, but we don't smell up the place.
so, i'm looking forward to the week off, the time with my kids and husband, and the great weather we're going to have. gotta love california!!! for all of you in the snow and cold, sorry.



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