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thanks for the reality check

on August 22, 2007 - 7:52pm

i've been reminded that any seats, even ones far away, at a josh concert, are great seats. thanks for reminding me of, the hunt is on for wyatt....i'd like to thank him in person for the BSP i got last leg.....but, if he's being mobbed, i'll let him be......

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only a few more days...

on August 20, 2007 - 10:36pm

it's only a few days til we make the drive to anaheim to see josh. i'm not so excited this time....i entered a joke but i know i'm not really eligible to win, since i won on the last leg, so i'm not anxious and waiting to hear my cell go off. i'm just chillin', and hoping i'll have a job before the concert....i've been talking to a lot of great, funny ladies, and i'm very sorry i won't be at the Meet N Greet before the show....i'll be meeting up with two other friends beforehand, and we have to coordinate that, and they're not grobanites, so i didn't want to suggest they go to the M&G....i believe i will get to one on the next leg, though....they sound like great fun. however, i have some trepidation, and i'm a little nervous about attending. i'm a little concerned that, as much of a fan as i am, i'm not as obsessed as some of you, and perhaps i'm not worthy to be at a M&G...i know, you'll say i'm being silly, that all are welcome (oooh, that's a line from, "Poltergeist", one of my favorite movies!!). and i gotta tell ya, i'm afraid if i do go to one, i'll slip to that level of fan i'm not sure i want to become. i don't mind if anyone knows i adore josh, but, i do have a limit to what i want put out there about my level of devotion. i'm trying very hard not to say that i think some of us go too far, that i look down on anyone's love---cuz i don't. i admire your passion, i really do. i'm just not comfortable spending any more time on this devotion than i already do. i guess i'm trying to say, i want to still appear to be semi-normal. and again, this sounds like i'm putting down those who are way more into it than i am, and i'm's just too much for me, at some point.
i had a friend who used to sell tupperware, and she had to go to these meetings, where women would hold up a colorful salad bowl with its snap-tight lid, and everyone would dance around and wave their arms, and chant,"tupperware, tupperware"..they'd be whipped up into a selling frenzy over the love of a plastic dish. and i have these images of going to the M&G, and it being kind of the same thing, but it's josh, not tupperware, that women are gathered together to celebrate.....and this image just kind of scares me.....and then, i think of all the guys who get together in front of a tv and watch football, cheer for their respective teams, and yell and hoot and curse at the screen, and i wonder, is loving josh really any different??? is a M&G our take on the tailgate party? i wonder if i can go to a M&G and remain somewhat detached, on the periphery of the tomfoolery, and continue to tell myself, i'm not as goofy as they are, i'm not as crazy as they are...i think i'm afraid i won't be able to do that, and that scares me...
i guess i'll just have to go to one of these get-togethers and see what they're all about. will there be singing to tupperware? will there be, like under an evangelist's tent, scores of open arms, trying to drag me into the fold? will i resist? will i be enraptured and changed forever? i have spent my long life being contrary---going against the tide. if i throw in with the lot of you, will i be copping out on what has been the definitive trait of my personality? will my friends just think i've gone over the edge, like some born-again zealot they don't want to talk with, as the subject always comes back to josh??
silliness--okay, i exaggerate to make my point. but seriously, some of you DO scare me.......

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mad at michael vick

on July 26, 2007 - 1:07pm

so, my HOG has ESPN on, and they're talking about the court appearance of Michael Vick over the charges of animal cruelty and dog figthing. This makes me so mad i just want to string the guy up by his balls, starve him, then let him go at it with a pen of starved pitbulls....see how he likes it....i was on vacation and read about this, as well as a local story in northern california about a kitten that was doused with some flammable liquid and set on fire---by 2 15-yr-old GIRLS, of all people...the kitty lost most of its ears, and his tail, and suffered burns over its body, but is recovering and despite this horrible event, is lovable and thriving....these two stories nearly killed my vacation for me. i know there is a lot of war and hate and such in the world, but why direct it at defenseless animals???? it makes me sick and sad and sorry to be among the same species as those who would do these acts.....
i would hope that the courts throw the book at Vick, and give him a stiff sentence, including jail time. i hope the atlanta falcons drop him, i hope all of his endorsement companies drop him---i love Nike shoes, and my boys like their clothing, but no more, not so long as they do business with this asshole. the press is having a field day with the idiotic escapades of paris hilton, lindsay lohan and other stupid celebs, and i hate all that press, but i hope they go after michael vick with teeth bared and claws out...i hate paparazzi, but in this case, i hope his life is made miserable by not only PETA, but the press, the fans, and the public (lotta P's there)....i know this is a lot of hatin', but, the man deserves it, in my opinion.

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back from vacation

on July 24, 2007 - 10:41pm

spent nine days on vacation...started going across the state to the eastern sierras, up near mammoth is so beautiful there---glaciers clinging to the side of the sheer rocky sides of the mountains, fantastic trees, and lots of water...we were up with some friends for a fishing derby...i don't fish, but i love to go to where fish are, so while my HOG happily fished for trout, i finished reading one book, read another, and started on a third before we then crossed back across the state to Napa Valley....spent one night there, then out to the coast, where we spent the night at the Pt Arena Lighthouse (the one at the end of the Mel Gibson movie, "forever young". we stayed in one of the quarters they have there for guests....beautiful place, secluded, quiet....then, further up the coast to Mendocino, Ft Bragg, Crescent City and southern Oregon....we camped some, and got rained on, but hey, it's NorCal, and rain is always a possibility there....collected a big bag of sea glass in Ft Bragg, saw squishy banana slugs in the redwoods, and saw millions of tall, tall trees....loved it, but i do confess, when the redwood and pine started to give way to the familiar coastal oaks of our area, it felt good. i got my fix of big trees for a while, and saw enough rocky coastline to keep me for a few more months. now, it's time to look for a new where i'm happy, where my boss isn't a dick, and where my co-workers have a sense of humor.

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at work--hating it

on June 28, 2007 - 10:39am

i've got short-timer's syndrome. i've given my notice here, and it they don't like my fooling around on this site, they can kiss my keester and send me packing......
i'm just waiting for lunch, but when i come back, i'll be waiting for 5PM.....



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