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when his mind was in mine...

on March 31, 2007 - 6:25am

i have had his mind all to myself three times. if this has not happened to you yet, try to have it happen. one of my JOSHie mottos, never take your eyes off him when he is in your view.
most recent, waiting outside the GMA studios, josh is inside rehearsing. i was next to the viewing window. nothing between us but glass and air. watching, waiting...other grobies talking to each other and he's right there! josh looked up. eye catch, me, "i looove you baby!" josh, "thanks!" and he looked right back down. i'll bet he thought, "oops!" i still cry when i'm thinking about it. HOG called me on my cell as i'm sitting in the nyc hotel waiting to go to airport. HOG,"so, did you have fun?" that was it, i hadn't cried 'til then. told HOG, " meeting him, finally, so great. that happened in front of so many people though. when he talked to me outside GMA, that was the best." crying, all people watching me, "sorry! i just met my fave singer."
the first two times his mind was in mine was in lauderdale. every time josh ran in our direction, we waved our glowlights, did the josh heart pat and mouthed, "we looove you, josh!" all the people around us already thought that DOG and me were nuts! that was the concert that someone said to me, "oh! you're one of THOSE!" meaning a josh-crazed grobanite. when the pepole saw josh smile, nod and wink at us the first time, they looked at us,"does he know you?" the SECOND time he nodded, winked and smiled, it was sooo clearly right at us, the people around us, turned to us and said, "how does he know you?" that was joshie paybacks for the earlier negative comment.
when i feel he's lost to me, this goes for jack and lindy too, when i've missed him/them by one or two people in a group situation, i get josh/lindy, jack, all to myself, later on.
lindy, what can i tell you about when her mind's been in mine too? all alone, just us. watchful waiting. what were the chances they'd be at the entrance to the venue i needed to go thru too, in verona? and at TW. those moments, too wonderful. a present from josh.

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josh! in verona

on February 24, 2007 - 10:45am

"dream BIG,because dreams can come true!" this is one of my, newly renewed, JOSHie mottos. i had two JOSHie wishes come true on this one trip. !st, to get close enough to him, when he was standing, to see how actually tall he is for myself and to talk to lindy about her and me at tw.
would it drive us all crazy, to write in some different way, any of the phrases he's sung, in our posts? this one i must... maybe i'll try quote marks, verona, "where do i start?" the josh joy, started the moment i turned on the tv in my hotel room. the soap show was playing twya or yrmu. i can't "remember" which. "Oh! this is going to be a very good trip, i can feel it." turn on my cell, voice mails already, yeah. "margie! come to turning stone." my hotel was close to the venue, good HOG. found some grobie friends right away. grobie heaven, outside of seeing josh, being in a pile of talking grobies, non-stop josh talk. it was so nice, a great combo of grobies i know already and ones i didn't. i got to tell "josh changing shirts aka shirtless josh" over and over, to new listeners. same rxn nearly every time, "WHAT? you saw him WHAT? how did you do that? what does he look like?" if anyone who reads this, wants to read about that, go see my journal entry about edmonton. i'm thinking i'm the only one in grobania who's seen that delicious sight.
after we ate dinner, we're just milling around the hotel, on josh alert a little bit, 'cuz we know he's staying here too. we turned a corner, and... back turned to us, way dressed down with ball cap, "is that JOSH? is that sweeney?" suzy and i grabbed each other, josh and entourage heard us. he picked up sweeney. turned around a little bit, this is paraphrased, i'm pretty close, "hi josh! does sweeney like the snow?" josh,"loves it!" he turned back around and was outta there! wow! we're slapping each other, "did that just happen?" i got close to him when he was standing.
in a couple of more minutes of walking around, we see more grobies, "come quick! josh is rehearsing." the hotel let us all the way up into the lobby outside the concert hall where josh was rehearsing! we were all so lucky they let us stay there. doors closed, but we could hear him clearly. we stayed very quiet. hotel personnel, back and forth watching us. many of the other guests talked to us, most were nice, some hecklers. " what are you doing? who's in there?" the nice ones. "marry me! i want to have your baby!" the not so nice ones. we all just turned around and shushed them. we heard nearly the entire concert. they took him out the back though, when done. darn! he was scruffy with glasses! sounded in great voice. can't wait 'til tomorrow. i lose my car, at least once, every josh trip. i TRY to guard against this, but it always happens. i couldn't find my car for at least and hour and a half. car searching can be fun, if it's after a concert and everyone is playing joshie in their cars so i can hear him again, but it was not! like that this time. i finally found it.
sat., concert day! what today? the formal meet and greet. first of all, a nice guy, hotel employee or HOG of m and g organizer, i don't know was letting us up to m and g room, he said, "1st you have to give me a hug!" so i did. me. "i will, but i really wish it was josh!" that guy, "all of you are saying that!" m and g, so beautiful. which friends to talk to first! new or old? i'm in heaven. get to tell about seeing him in hallway some more and shirtless josh. after we'd been there a little bit, omj! x 100! lindy and jack come into room. i just watched and listened to them. i tried to talk to her in nyc, always so many people around them. they went in and out pretty quickly! darn! missed her again.
m and g broke up. i was sooo excited for concert 'cuz someone gave me a floor seat ticket! not far from stage. waaay better than the ticket that i had come with.
waiting outside venue to go in, jack and lindy outside the door i have to go thru too. OMJ! no one around them, i think most grobies were in already. i walked up to them. took big breath, " hi lindy! hi jack!" i intro'd myself, " i helped you get out of the tent at tw!" lindy,"that was a day! wasn't it?" me, "are you excited about the tour starting?" lindy, "actually, it's a little scary!" me,"oh! i'm sorry, honey. i'll try to calm some of the scary ones down for you." lindy,"thanks."
and then i went into venue.
i got to sit next to virgins. soooo much fun. showed them my pic of me meeting him. they were so fun! and i was lucky,'cuz i was on a joshie super high from getting to talk to lindy and jack again. i told them right away. "i'm super JOSHed. i just got to talk to his mom and dad again. i'll try to not bug you." them, "how did you get to do that?" i told her we all know who they are! i showed her my pic with him. great concert! josh singing so well. he sand a song from " sweeney todd." his voice would be so good on broadway too. concert over. on the way out, i saw some of the new back up band. told them " welcome! you guys did great." they said, "thanks."
got a call from carolina and elizabeth. too w/w joshed to remember all of it. i told them about seeing josh running around though. how i slept that night, i don't know!
got to airport. at my gate, lots of grobies! aahh! heaven again. i got to tell shirtless josh and flying t shirts, etc. "that was YOU?" is always the reaction. talking , talking. some of them had been to CHESS. i did lots of listening too. they all left. on my last flight, the flight attendant sat facing me. she say, "who's that on your t?" me, "josh groban. do you know YRMU?" she immediately, "when i am lost and oh! my soul's so weary,.." i joined in. we sang the whole thing,in harmony. when we were done,everyone clapped. "you guys should go on stage." it was the perfect ending for a perfect JOSHie trip.

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JOSH! what else?

on August 6, 2006 - 9:36am

NYC! we went to NYC in june. i had no idea how JOSHed a trip that was going to be for me. from one end of manhattan to the other, total JOSHland. sites of his preformances that we've all seen. to stand right where he stood... grobie heaven. stood outside the NY times building where he did that interview right after i saw him in paris. the GMA studio. i looked right inside. the today show plaza. i looked at the inside studio too.
the top best thing... we went to "the lion king". i always talk to whomever i'm sitting next to. actually she talked to me first, " is this your first time seeing this? " me, " no! not really. my HOG works at wdw in FL and i've seen the show there. i like this, but i really wish it were josh!" the lady says, "josh? josh groban?" i said, "yes! i loooove sick is it to be a 47 y'o school nurse and your current goal in life is to meet a 25 y/o singing super star?" she said, " you want to meet him?" me, " oh! yes!" i told her my lindy story. she said, "i'm the head of the NYC public schools music program. ( i DIED right here.) i know david foster, ( she knew that david is Josh's producer) i talk to david alllll the time. you write to me, especially your lindy story, stars love to hear about fans and their famiies like that,, and i'll write to david and see if we can't find a way for you to meet josh." i told her i'd fly anywhere!
guess what? can i find that piece of paper where she wrote down her e mail? NOOO! i can't find it. i did give her my email though. she is going to come to visit FL this year. i told her to call me. i soooo hope she does.
sweeney todd is on bruadway. posters all over t shirts too. youall know that josh did sweeney todd at interlochen and it was the second play that he went to as a child right? he's said he loves that play.
we stood outside the stood out side the tony awards watching the star arrivals. his costar from chess, sutton foster was up for a tony! would we see her go in? noooo! she was already in. darn. we did get tony award playbills though with a nice pic of her in it.
josh all over that city. by the time the trip was ending, i expected to see him on the street, he was so on my mind.

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on May 29, 2006 - 10:17am

edmonton, bc aka shirtless josh. i found out that i'm probably the only grobie who's seen josh with his shirt off. sorry nooooo pics. it was before i was a flapper and knew that such a delicious topic as shirtless josh even existed.
i have to start at the beginning. we were so happy to be in edmonton. my HOG worked with john denver for three years. edmonton is in in the heart of the area that "cold nights in canada" was written about. we were "rocky mountain high" for sure. the fun started right away in line at the venue. the people started to talk to us right away. "are you from america?" us, "yes!" the next question anyone from outside of the states always asks me is, "have you seen him on ally mcbeal?" me, " oh yes. i have one on tape and the other i've seen too." then they die! 'cuz lots of world wide grobies have not seen those shows yet.
we got into the venue. edmoneton is also where my adage "there are no bad seats" was born. sat down into seats which we thought were not that great. piano stage end, but up a good bit. then though, we saw the groband running around out of costume. zack, tariq, tim, craig. we are immediately happy, happy. DOG and i shaking each other!, "look! look!" we had a perfect view of backstage. other people around us, not knowing what they are seeing. the opening act. i can't recall who it was. then JOSHie's turn. thru an open door in the backstage area, we saw the pre show peace circle. everyone holding hands in a circle. josh talking. they all turned around dropping hands and said, "whoo!" then the groband came out. josh standing all alone in that open doorway. hands folded together in front of himself, head hanging down. DOG and i slapping each other the whole time. omj! all around us thinking we're nuts! i'm sure. he's intro'd. lifted up his head, big smile and came out onstage. here's another adage of mine, born that night.... never take your eyes off him during a concert. we all know what he looks like even in shadows, right? when lucia is all alone on stage, josh is doing something interesting off stage. we watched him backstage all night. taking drinks, talking to the crew AND in one of my "how i'm alive after thie i don't know" moments, changing shirts. he intro'd lucia, lights go off him and onto her. he put the mike down and ran to the stage end. he swung down thru the bars, tummy first, right at us. down to the floor. his dresser right there. lifts arms up. shirt off buttoned right over his head. new shirt on buttoned, over his head. hair lady fixes his hair, "lookin' good, honey!" pats his cheek and back out he goes. pics? sorry no! all i can say is, i want to learn how to knit.

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well if not JOSHie, can it be celine dion?

on May 26, 2006 - 9:31am

things and happenings, that remind me of josh, are all around me all the time. everywhere we go. disney world is very JOSHed for me now. this is one of the reasons why...
HOG works there at the mgm studios. he's a projectionist. HOG promises that if he ever has Josh in tow, he gives tours to visiting celebs all the time, he'll call me with him on my cell. one day a while back, HOG calls, "guess what? guess who i'm gonna tour?" HOG had his JOSHie voice on a little, but not all the way, so i said, "david foster?" HOG said, "nooo! but good guess. celine dion!" me, "omj! she is sooo JOSHed. he used to open for her. you have to talk to her about him for me. ask her in this way, you know my wife is soooo jealous of you! and she'll say, why? then you say, 'cuz you got to hug josh g and she looooves him." HOG did talk to her, in just that way. HOG said that celine said, "he's really nice and easy to work with." omj! just what we want to hear right?
celine does one of the songs that's in the fireworks show at epcot. total instant JOSHie land for me. JOSHie hugs, jmjmjmall of youjmjmjm



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