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Grobania is like a ghost town

on August 20, 2006 - 11:19am

It's so empty and no one is posting new threads. Don't look at me...I don't start threads. I am too chicken. I guess I can get some stuff done today then since I owe Linda a comic, the book is waiting, I need to finish my stuff for the AZ get together and Sunday is nap day!

When the kids were little and I had them under control it was so easy. Now that they are all grown (and I use that term loosely) they just seem to be going off in all the wrong directions. James called us for a ride at 2 a.m. Seems he was out with Nancy and some friends when he got in a fight with some guy hitting on Nancy but Nancy ended up being mad at him. Of course he was drunk. What it does to a mother's heart to wake and find your child passed out on the sofa. Pete has announced his "plan" to move out and go to live with his sister. Like she needs him there. She has enough to deal with being married to Harry. Harry is a sweet and wonderful guy, but he's lazy, picky beyond belief, and he needs to get his priorities in order big time. Maybe I should voice my opinion or maybe I should just stay quiet and let them live their own lives even if I think they are screwing up big time. What's a mother to do? ~throws hands up in disgust.~

We had a good time in Orlando at the Peabody (ahh, the bed). We went to LaRue's taping of her DVD. She was awesome. She had on these really cool pants for the first part. They were jeans with huge bell bottoms with sequins. It reminded me of something Elvis would wear but she looked good in it. It was interesting to see them film a DVD.

I ran/walked my 2 miles yesterday. I asked Tony and Pete if one of them would put some Josh on their mp3 player so I could run with my headphones. You would have thought I asked them to listen to him. I got frustrated. They both know I am working really hard to train for the test and a little support would have been nice. I left and went without. It was a long 2 miles. It was hard to convince myself to actually go. But I ran extra because I didn't want to run by the redneck neighbor's house. I got it down to 30 minutes so I only have to shave off 10 minutes by October to pass. I can do that easy. I wasn't even pushing myself.

I still can't break the board. ~insert big, bawling smiley here~ Everything else on the test I can do easily which reminds me I still have to write a report on what it means to be a third degree black belt. This is dumb topic. Third degree just means you are continuing on a journey most of it alone. So I guess I can write about self-discipline and perseverance - the two things I really need right now. I'll be glad when this test is over although my stick arms have some muscle on them now. And probably all this running will put some more muscle on my stick legs.

Okay, time to write/read/nap/craft.

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Since people are reading this, I'll try not to be so boring

on August 9, 2006 - 9:42am

All this hub bub over a picture is so sad. In this whole big world, why should one little picture make people go nuts? But some of the posts I've read are full of assumptions and twisted facts and the finger pointing...well, its a shame that we can't do the one thing Josh asked us to do - be nice to each other.
I am sad because I have questioned my own obsession with being here. I got caught up it in all too. Maybe I should take a break but I have so many friends on here. I could easily give up reading the forum but I like talking to everyone. I would miss that.
The pic hubbub seems to be dying out thankfully, but it did show me a lot about who people really are and my opinions did change. But it also showed me who I am and whether I liked what I saw or not, I am not saying. The internet is not the place for privacy.

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they need a grumpy smiley

on August 5, 2006 - 6:44pm

I am grumpy tonight - they need a grumpy smiley. I don't know why, good things are happening...Demetri is here, Sarah and Harry are moved out (but still here till Tuesday), I finished the first read on the new book I have to edit, Tony made a good dinner and I am full, so why am I grumpy? Oh well, just going to sit and listen to my song.

I have to listen to this song for tomorrow. I don't know my hymns that well not having sung one since I was a kid. Last Sunday Tony was leading, I forget what song and Shelton made the soundtrack skip. Tony got so pissed while he was singing he found his place then busted out like I never heard hm sing. It was freaking amazing. He's a good singer but dang, I never ever heard him sing like that. I was standing next to him and I looked at him and thought, "Dang, he's busted out the Josh in himself!" He saved the song and everyone really responded. I told him he needs to sing like that all the time, but he claims he doesn't know what I am talking about. This guy singing It is Well is good too. I have no clue who he is but he can rip it!

Well, I am going to go be grumpy by myself. Maybe I'll go look at the clothes Pete put in my car for the Goodwill. I have been missing my white Josh shirt for months. It's not in my room, not in Sarah's, so it's in Pete's or my car. This is the second time I lost that damn shirt.

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The Conference

on July 30, 2006 - 11:18am

I had an amazing time at the worship leader conference. I brought JoshFloss, I met cool people, I stayed in a beautiful hotel, and it was wonderful; except for the clutch going on the car the night we left. Just down the road from the hotel too. We got to sit on a bench for two hours waiting for the tow truck and then Sarah to pick us up. But the best parts:

I met LaRue! She was so sweet. She saw my Josh shirt and said, "I got to sing with Josh Groban" to which I replied, "Yes, I know and I am so jealous." She laughed. We didn't get another chance to chat unfortunately. We had our picture taken and I got her autograph. She sings great and she is going to be big time some day soon.

The second best part: I took the class on live audio engineering. We took a tour of the convention center getting to see the sound set up, the control room where they record and do the internet feed. I noticed the sound guy had a mic in his hand and not just any mic, it was an SKM5000! Oh my God! I have always wanted to hold one and see how heavy it is. We were walking back to the stage and I walked up and said casually, "Is that an SKM5000 you're holding?" He looked at me and I think he was impressed that I knew what kind of mic it was and he hands it to me. So being the absolute dork that I am, I take it and blurt out in front of a large group of Christians, "Oh, it's so sexy." Nuff said about that.

I brought JoshFloss out on the way to take his picture. Tony did not know about JoshFloss. I had to explain which probably was a really funny conversation. I was afraid that he would not be willing to go along with the JoshFloss fun but he actually got into it big time. We were in Downtown Disney and he suggested a picture of JoshFloss in front of Planet Hollywood. People were walking by as he was kneeling on the sidewalk taking a picture. I was embarrassed but he wasn't. It was kinda funny. I got some good pictures of JoshFloss.

The Peabody - this place is amazing! The bed was so soft, it was like sleeping on a cloud! I want one. I slept good too. My first night back in my bed I woke up with a sore neck. I did not want to come home. Tony has plans to stay there when "we" go to a Josh concert in Orlando.

I got to get an autograph and have my picture taken with Clint Brown. No big deal; he's just a rinky dink church pastor from Orlando with a few albums. So why did I get to the table and find my brain could not work and my mouth remained closed? I'll never survive meeting Josh, so I am not even going to hope that I do meet him. I'll just wave and run.

We ate in nice restaurants and had good food. My favorite was the Mexican place where they made refried beans the right way and chile rellenos. Yummy!

Now I have to go back to a full week of pharmacy, deli and Tae Kwon Do. Boohoo! My kids were coming up to me in church excited that classes were starting again. I need to get some enthusiasm for Wednesday's class. Argh! Then I have to start training for my 3rd degree - running, push ups, forms, breaking that dang black board.

Gotta go and help Harry find his car key. I don't know how he and Sarah are going to make it on their own.

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"That's Josh Groban singing. Isn't he amazing?"

on July 22, 2006 - 3:23pm

I worked pharmacy today. Last day before vacation. Thank God Jean was the pharmacist - she's a retard but she loves to wait on the customers while I do the pharmacists job. I like that.

Anyhow about one o'clock I got over to the deli and violated my own law about eating there. While I was talking to Mr. Kim, I hear Josh! At first I thought I was just hearing things, but then I realized it was "You're Still You" on the muzak. I yelled, "It's Josh!" and Mr. Kim goes, "Where?" "On the p.a. It's Josh!" By now I am really getting loud about it. I turned around to see who was standing around and I announce to all the customers in earshot (and beyond), "It's Josh! That's Josh Groban singing!"

I stood there like a Grobanite grinning from ear to ear and listening (I can't hear the muzak in the pharmacy), then I decided I'd just walk around the store and Grobangelize everyone. So I walked around looking for people telling them, "That's Josh Groban singing. Isn't he amazing?" and then I would keep walking. I'm sure they were staring at me, but I didn't care. I heard Josh at work! Too bad I wasn't near the phone to make an announcement to the whole store. By the time I thought of it the song was over.

I hope I hear that song again next time I work. I should considering they play the same ones over and over. I got it BAD!



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