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on September 16, 2007 - 12:17pm

I have some unhappy news to grandmother has been in the hospital for four months, and on friday night, my cousin called me, to get to the hospital soon because she is just really really bad...
she isn't "gone" yet, but she is close...
my mom, aunt, and uncle have decided to remove her tube...she does not respond and well, she is a vegetable...she is in SOO much pain, but since her brain isn't working she can't really feel the family has decided to let her go...
it is very painful for them to do that, but those where my grandmothers last wishes (when she could actually talk)
so, on wednesday, the tubes come off, and if she breaths by her own, than thats good...other than that...well, you know what happens next.

today, i'm gonna go see her for the last time, and i'm gonna sing her the song Awake, just me and her in the room, one last time...

yesterday, i went to go sing at church, and one of the songs is called "i want to be a NEW cup" (meaning, something new, something better) and i just started crying infront of everyone in the church and i just could not hold it for that song...hopefully, when i sing awake for her, the words will actually come out...

thanks for reading this, you grobanites are just the best (lucky josh)...LOVE you guys!

i'll update later tonight or tomorrow...

see ya!

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snoop dogg

on September 13, 2007 - 3:02pm

OMG!!! i was laying in my bed watching television a couple of minutes ago (trying to rest) but all of a sudden, i remembered when i met snoop dogg....he gave me a hug a kiss and an autograph...and then i started laughing hystericaly!!!!! the reason why, because i remembered of that skit that josh was in, in some awards (don't remember which) the one where snoop is having a bizzcake sale...and josh gets cougth in line to buy "special" brownies....omg!! anyways, i just thought i shared that!

BTW...snopp is really nice.
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it's a girl!!!

on September 11, 2007 - 10:39pm

Hello to my fellow Grobanites!!!!

my older brother (alonso) and my sister-in-law (karen) have a 2 year old boy (derek) my cute lil grobie nephew (thats right, i'm turning him into a grobanite)....anyways, they are expecting a new baby...a girl...and her name will be Leilanni.
I'm plannig for her baby shower, but it is not a surprise because someone accidentaly told her when it was...dam it!!!
and its too late to change the date becasue invitations have been sent out...anywho...its all good though.

algebra class is going good, thanks to all of you who wished me luck on that hell hole of a

oh, yeah, my nephew can say "josh"..he sounds so cute!!!! i have a poster and when derek goes to my room he says "hi josh" *sigh* and when i listen to my iPod, derek knows who i'm listening too, so he takes one of the ear pieces and puts it in his ear....awwww!!! he loves joshie!!!!
hopefully, i can turn my new niece into a grobanite, she's a girl, so it'll be easier...yay!!!!!

Love You,

ps. 4 weeks till "NOEL"

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my daily dose of FOJG

on September 10, 2007 - 12:02pm

Morning!!!! or Goodafternoon!!!! Today, my algebra class starts, in about 30 minutes. I'm in the computer lab, because, well, why would i go in a class without my daily dose of FOJG and all you Grobanites....come on!!!!!
It's addictive...

Hi! my name is Vanessa and i'm a FOJG-holic.

My body is so so tired from all the activities i did this week end, but it was fun...

Well, its of to a class that i HAVE to take...darn it!!!!!

math is not my subject, so wish me luck..PLEASE!

see you all later!!

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my friends

on September 8, 2007 - 11:57pm

Thank you to, lpschnzr2, beezee, synchrosk8er, FlippedOverJosh02, SamsGirl2002. The comments you left me, really helped. Thank you so much, you amazing Grobanites!!!!!
to let you know, i did not go sing in the afternoon, i instead hung out with my family..and i painted a rock, that looked like a heart, red and then wrote JG on
i did go sing in the evening, and OMG!!! it went really good!!!! our piano player (one of the friends that i go for) richard, was wearing a shirt that i gave him and he looked wicked sexy!!! lol...

i AM taking a tiny break from my church choir...and i AM joining a choir at my college, and once my dad buys me a new violin, i'm gonna take lessons

thank you guys, again...i love you!!!

Nessa is the picture of my rock!
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