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I Miss coming here

on October 15, 2007 - 12:17pm

It may seem that I fell off the globe since I haven't posted in I-don't-know-when, but I'm just catching my breath! I hate not knowing how everyone's been doing...I just haven't had time to sit down for any lengthy period of time to get caught up.

I didn't have very good luck at the festival last weekend with my dress sales; I get another try this coming weekend, though. I had plenty of people "ooohing and aahhhing" and saying things like "OH! How cute!" but no sales (unless you count the one my step-mom paid for to give to my neice---I don't count that, though!). If I had a sale for every compliment, I'd have orders 'til next Christmas...but who really wants to buy something made of fleece or think about Christmas decorations (my ornaments) when it's over 100 degrees in the sun?!?!?! It just wasn't my weekend, I guess. I was disappointed and a little discouraged at first, but there were other clothing vendors there that didn't seem to be selling either...who knows...but I'm just praying it stays cooler for this weekend and that my hometown will come through for me!

I've just been regrouping around the house and catching up on everything I left undone here while I was sewing for 2 weeks straight...I still have a long way to go. Plus, we ran around all weekend, so I didn't get to work a full day (with help with the kids) on Saturday. We went with the Girl Scouts (my oldest daughter) to the Pumpkin Patch Friday right after school; then we were gone all day Saturday to the Ole Miss vs. Alabama college football game. Yes. I am a TENNESSEE VOLS fan. Yes. I wore my Vols jersey--and was harassed all day for it. Yes. I knew I'd be given a really hard time, but I just couldn't bare for anyone to think I was actually there 'cause I liked either team! LOL Craig, my oldest daughter, Riley, and my brother-in-law all are BAMA sister-in-law, my neice, and her boyfriend are all Ole Miss fans...I was the odd-man-out, so I had to hold my ground! Of course, since the Vols were playing on the opposite side of the state against Mississippi State the same day, most people assumed I was too dumb to make the right turn on the right road! I still contend that I was kidnapped! HaHaHa We did have fun, though...

Well, back to business for me...right after I check in on some here!

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Talk about the 12th hour!

on October 3, 2007 - 10:45pm

It's almost 1 a.m. and I just now finished printing the 'tags' for the dresses...I just about forgot them. I am in a mad dash to finish making a few last minute "crafty" (hesitate to use that word--it has sort of a negative connotation with some people in this area...have no idea why...and I don't like it, but OH WELL) things that I want to get finished to try to sell. Just mostly little things that I've had the supplies for just stored. I figure there's no sense in keeping them stored when I could try to "throw 'em together" into "something" and try to make a little more Christmas money!

I do hope to get some pictures of a display of all my "stuff" at the booth this weekend. However, it may take some of my wonderful friends around here to teach me how to get them posted! One of these days I'll figure all the technology out to get by around here--'course by then, it will all have changed to something new! LOL

If something happens that I don't have an opportunity to get back in here 'til after the weekend, I hope ya'll have a great one and that you'll be safe, etc. Hopefully I'll have all sorts of exciting things to talk about when I get back!

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on October 2, 2007 - 8:34pm

Yay! Christmas is here early! Only a week left 'til 'Noel'--wonder if we'll get any "samplin's" early??? Perhaps another Thursday surprise??? Would be very exciting!

I'm already excited--I finished the 25th little girls' jumper this morning! 25 dresses in under 2 I allowed to say I'm tired? But it's a good tired. A very satisfying tired. I'm getting ready to work on some "tags" for them with the laundering directions, my logo (when I get it designed...), ordering info. (in case someone wants me to make something else for them...), and price--all the necessary details to be "in business". I have absolutely no idea how to handle the tax stuff for anything like this...or if I even have to worry about's very different from the pre-arranged tax benefits of Mary Kay, that's for sure!!! Makes me appreciate how easy MK makes it for everybody!

I am dealing with "family drama" again...trying really hard to keep focused, though, on the things important to me and my immediate family, though. It is just so disheartening (to say the least) when people absolutely refuse to and WILL NOT see the other person's perspective. What ever happened to respect, encouragement, and as the Bible puts it, "longsuffering"????? You would think that it wouldn't be too much to ask someone that should REALLY know you--like since birth--to actually have an intellectual dialogue with real communication! I know I am not perfect. Not by a long shot. I am and will always be a work in progress, that's for sure! But when I KNOW by the Bible and God as my witness that I haven't done anything wrong in a particular instance, how in the world do I get through to someone who refuses to see???

I am sorry to vent--haven't had a dose of "Machine" today...otherwise the frustration would have been absorbed by the vocals of JOSH! :) And I know I'm extremely vague considering I think this is my first blog about any of my family drama. It's been going on since March, though--right after I got back from the Atlanta concert, as a matter of fact--and I'm just about sick to death of it. People that have the same blood running through their veins as I do that act so differently...oh...there's so much more I'd like to say...but...for now I won't. It's late, and I don't want to get fired up right before bed...

Back to Josh...

I would love to know if maybe, along with some of these promos for the Christmas album, there might be a Christmas concert or two he might do? Probably not. But I'd still like to know about after the new year!

Well, Craig's waiting on me to watch the episode of House from tonight...gotta go...

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What a beautiful morning!

on September 29, 2007 - 9:18am

What a beautiful day! It's amazing--I've been up since 5:00 a.m. and I am in a good mood still! Just in case anyone hasn't realized it about me yet--as much as I'd love to be a morning person, I'm just not! I do my best work at night--usually after 9:00 p.m. I've tried to change; I'm just not wired that way, I guess...

It's sunny, cooler, and starting to actually feel like Fall!

I'm off to facials (a friend's sister is getting married-they asked me to do the facials), errands, and a birthday party with my oldest daughter...when I get home later, it'll be back to sewing. However, if I do happen to be tired by then (very likely, for me! LOL), I will be just fine with resting--I've already made 3 of the jumpers this morning! I think I can feel like I have accomplished a little something today!

Happy weekend, everyone!

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Two days in a row!!!

on September 25, 2007 - 10:11am

I can't believe I get to be on here again today! Yay! It sure does help my spirits throughout the day...

Well, I was excused from jury duty today--we no longer have to call in at all! I would not have minded serving at all--but I have 1 week from this coming Saturday before my first festival--my first attempt to try to sell anything I've ever made. I still have a long way to go to be ready, but I do have some little girls' dresses/jumpers made and a bunch of hand-beaded and other handmade Christmas ornaments done. I have so many more things left that I want to make; I don't know if I have time to finish everything, but I should have enough to at least get started selling. I really want to be sure to have the "sewing projects" all finished, or at least one of each of them, so that maybe I could take orders if there's enough interest. I am enjoying this more than anything else I've ever done, because sewing/crafting/creating has always been such a huge, part of my life--the constant, happy part! Every time I begin doubting my abilities, I look up at the lowest shelf of my sewing cabinet (Craig built a huge, wonderful cabinet for me for my crafts. The table closes, and it looks like any other piece of large furniture). On that shelf I have a wooden, cut-out word that says "BELIEVE". I covered it in glitter 'cause I like it to shine at me, too! I just look at it and think about how lucky others--like Josh--are to do what they love to do every day. You know, not everyone likes Josh's music (their loss), but he keeps on singing (THANK GOODNESS!). Well, I get weird looks from people when I tell them what I'm attempting--but I am way too happy about what I'm accomplishing to worry about it! Then I think about how Josh said he just hoped his fans would like 'Awake'...and it helps me not to worry so much about whether or not people will like my creations enough to buy them...I just have to believe that SOMEBODY that sees them will like them enough to buy them!

Well, the little one's begging she calls it....wogurt...she wants her yogurt NOW! Guess my time's up! haha

Love to all today! :)



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