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tahooey with the full moon

on January 11, 2009 - 3:46pm

Okay, you'd think I'd learn. After 3 kids, you'd think I would realize that a full moon doesn't have ANYTHING to do with me going into labor. Instead, I get ANOTHER stupid virus of some sort...complete with a sore throat and everything...grrrrr So, instead of trying to aid in my health and the progression of the l&d process by walking or whatever, I get to just lay around. Again. So, thinking, well, I need my rest so I might as well sleep, I doze off on the couch while hubby watches the football game. Only to be interrupted not by my kids, but by the phone ringing. I tell my friend I'm sleeping--she says she's doing the same. What? I asked her...did she call me in her sleep!?! So then, feeling so cruddy, I lay back down and Craig and the girls leave for church. THE PHONE RINGS AGAIN! The same friend calls again! Now, I'm very thankful for my friends, but she knew I was trying to rest!!!! What gives? She didn't even have anything to call for...

Okay, I'll quit ranting. Besides, I'm starting to cough and it's difficult to keep my fingers on the right keys!

Hope everyone has a better night than I'm having!!! ;)

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Good check up

on January 9, 2009 - 10:25am

Well, after not having a great week in terms of my pregnant self (health-wise--maybe it was just a virus or something...), I did get a good check-up yesterday. And now, I REALLY don't think I'll be making it to February for delivery! I won't go into all the details, but let's just say that I'm hoping (and thinking) that the full moon just might come through for me tomorrow--or at least after the weekend!!! We'll see... I'm not really getting too impatient; I do want little guy to be healthy. But, as anyone who's ever made it to the 9th month of pregnancy can tell you, it gets to be uncomfortable by this point...

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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on January 5, 2009 - 10:38am

The laundry's piling needs to be washed and the ironing done... I still have some unfinished projects I'm dying to get to, and I would like to just play with the girls since it's their last day out of school for Christmas break... AND I need to start sewing again to make money to help pay some bills this month... It's always tough for me to decide when there are so many things looking back at me that need to get done.

I think I may do some of the laundry anyway, but I can't see spending all my time with chores when the girls could use my time with them...the rest will be there when they're back in school.

I'll check in later & fill in how the day works out! Hope everyone has a Happy Monday!

EDIT: Well, we decided to.....just be LAZY all day!!! hahaha Riley didn't even get out of her pj's until she changed into clean ones after her shower! We laid around the living room, just watching t.v. For a rainy day, it was kinda nice! Then, I got up and fixed a big supper, did a bunch of laundry, some ironing, and the dishes... Colette (FlippedOverJosh02) suggested maybe I'm nesting... I have one question about that--aren't you supposed to get a burst of energy with that urge??? LOL If that's the case, I was robbed!!!! hahaha

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Just relaxin'

on January 3, 2009 - 3:57pm

It's so funny how things turn out things just work out the way you need them to. Last night we invited some friends to come play cards tonight. Right after that, my stepsister texted to see if we'd be home; she wanted to come visit if she got her car out of the shop in time. We figured we'd just add her in and told her to come on. This morning she called to say her car still wasn't fixed so she couldn't make it. I talked to our friends then later on to see if they were still coming and they confirmed. But just a little bit ago, they had to, we're home as a family of 5 again tonight. And the funny thing is, I'm grateful! I've stayed in comfy-clothes all day, didn't fix my hair after I washed it, and didn't put any make-up on. I am good with that! LOL Just this one more day with my family before the New Year really kicks in...worship tomorrow, Craig back to work Monday, and the girls back to school Tuesday...we'll be so busy all over again--not to mention how crazy it's going to be when our new addition makes his arrival!

I guess I'd have to say today's just about being 'Awake' and enjoying being with the people I love most. And I really like that. :)

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Mr Grumpy pants

on January 2, 2009 - 6:29pm

For crying out loud!!! I don't mind so much that Craig loves to watch every cotton-picking football bowl game that he possibly can. But when Alabama is losing.....UGH! He's soooo ill!!!

'Kay. That's my gripe for the moment...

At least we did get the Christmas stuff taken down and he put it all in the attic before the game started! :) I HAVE to be happy about that!

We stayed up so late last night. My dad and stepmom were here and they brought my nieces with them. We had a really nice time. When we put a movie on for the girls and tucked them in for the night, we got out the dominoes...and ended up playing the entire 16 rounds!!! We were up until 3 this morning!!! It was fun--even if I did crash right after they left! I slept for over 3 hours! LOL

Well, if I can get "someone" to quit pouting for a little bit, we're gonna play some games with the girls before they go to bed. Hope everyone has a good night!



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