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You're Still You

on December 20, 2006 - 8:50am

Oh it the excitement of the holidays or just me; I don't know? But I'm "weepy" today - in a GOOD way, though. I'm not sad or upset...I'm just filled with emotion! I listen to Josh sing, and yes, that's when my emotions all come flowing out -literally into a full box of kleenex. I was trying to explain to my niece last night the affect Josh's music has on me. It hits an emotional cord in me that NO OTHER music can. I find myself imagining when he sings, he singing to JUST ME! OK, the thought of that REALLY happening scares me; because I'm not sure I would be able to contain myself. I'd be a mess of emotions. But remember that episode of Ally McBeal when he sings "You're Still You" (by the way, that song is my ULTIMATE FAVORITE) and she feels for a moment during the song that she's the only one standing there in that big empty room and he's singing only to her - that's what I'm talking about. I can sit in front of my computer and watch that video and just a baby!!!! OK, Colette, get a grip - it'll never happen; but can't a girl dream :)

I treated myself to a little Christmas love - I purchased Josh's first DVD. Oh my gosh; I was GLUED to the TV watching it. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME! My daughter (the singer) watched it with me. She's not much of a fan; but very much respects my love for him....anyway.......she said "Wow, his voice if flawless" - then guess what I did? CRIED :) Imagine that! Good grief! Whewww - I think I'm going to go sit myself in front of the tube and watch it again this morning. I need a break anyway....things are a bit hectic. I'm so looking forward to the quiet of Christmas Eve with my hubby and kids. To all my Grobanite friends out there.......God Bless you with the happiest of Christmas time memories and New Year Cheer! I bet Josh will be at home with his parents.....what a great guy - voice and personality combined!

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WHAT A DOLL.........:)

on December 11, 2006 - 5:49pm

OMG did you see him on Oprah? What an absolute doll. That voice.............that beautiful voice.

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on December 11, 2006 - 7:36am

Oh man..........I have to go on the road today to visit another consultant and I just looked outside and it's really foggy.....hhmmmm; maybe I'll wait a bit to leave! I'm SO EXCITED to see Josh on Oprah today. That's why I wanted to get on the road early this morning so I can get back in time to pour me a glass of diet coke, pop me some popcorn and sit and relax in front of the tube. I hope he sings a Christmas song - maybe "Oh Holy Night" - one of my favorites......of course, anything HE sings is out of this world. My heart just gets pumpin' thinking about it. Well, this weekend was fabulous! My daughter sang in her Madrigal show on Saturday night. I have 12 family members sitting around me and we enjoyed our time together - we all love music; and it seems my Hannah has a following of fans. It is an absolute JOY to hear her sing. What a blessing to see her using her God-given gift.

Man.......I wish I could quit yawning........didn't sleep very well last night I guess. Restless nights are the worst. I think I was concentrating too much on what I didn't get down last week due to that migraine. Oh well, it's another week and things will get pulled together; they always do. I'm so excited to have over-night company over Christmas. I was looking through my recipe books to make some fun new recipes I've been dying to try. I want to spoil them while they're here. I love to entertain!!! Well, better get my day going. All you Grobanites out there - enjoy Oprah today....I can't wait to hear your comments!

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on December 10, 2006 - 11:24am

WOW - we're actually winning a football game; but "it aint over til it's over"......

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Head Aches are sure a Pain in the Head :)

on December 9, 2006 - 1:56pm

I have a headache today....I hate headaches; 'cause they sure get in the way of getting things DONE! I had lunch with my hubby's family who are in town for my daughter's MADRIGAL show tonight. I'm looking SO forward to it - my daughter Hannah is in her glory when she's singing - just doing anything "MUSIC" in general......
It's almost 60 degrees here today - I'm sure a record high for a city in Minnesota on the 9th of December. Gorgeous. But still praying for snow for Mark's business.
I watched Santa Jr. on the Family Channel this morning. What another great movie for the season - be sure to catch it if you can! Looking forward to seeing Josh on Oprah on Monday!
I better get a batch of home-made fudge made for the brother's birthday. He loves my fudge (it's the way mom used to make it!)......
Everybody out there, have a wonderful Saturday evening! I'll be enjoying a night of song and dance.....yippeeeeee!



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