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on February 13, 2008 - 6:31am

Bill Watterson (creator of Calvin & Hobbes) was right. There ought to be a law against going to work or school when it's cold, rainy, or otherwise disgusting out, and waiting for a bus does add insult to injury. In another comic strip, he proposed a system where you call a judge, take an oath that you'll read a good book, and he'll let you stay home.
It doesn't help that I feel completely drained and would probably feel this way if it was warm and sunny out. I've had a huge travel mug of tea and taken some headache pills with caffeine in them, but none of it's done any good.
To top it all off, I'm still not completely sure what to do on Valentine's Day, which really snuck up on me. I got my fiance a card and a present, but we still haven't really decided where we're going. It looked like we were going to the Cuban place we went to a few years ago (which would be good, but I'd looked forward to going someplace different), but then he heard me say another place was my favorite restaurant and suggested going there. I guess we'll see tomorrow.

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on February 10, 2008 - 12:53pm

"Who do you want to ask, the speck?" - Finding Nemo
I can't help thinking of that line when I look at some of the pictures I've taken of Josh Groban from a great distance. To the un-Grobanized eye, it looks like I just took a picture of a brightly colored speck in the distance. But I look at those and I know it's him. When I took pictures at the signing when Awake first came out, I actually have one saved on my computer as "Full size" because he actually looks like a person in it. I only have five of full-sized Josh, and I love them all.
I got back some more speck pictures that I took some at the tree lighting. At times it really does look like just a bunch of little black specks in the distance on the white ice. But in others, you can really tell that it's him. Most of them are just of rehearsal, but one looks like he's actually performing. That really is one of the best days I've had in a long time.

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So he sings a February song

on February 7, 2008 - 6:10am

Just one week until Valentine's Day. I send cards to people I love, and Josh definitely counts in that category. One year ago today, he was doing the Today show not far from my office. It made me wonder: Could I actually deliver his in person this year? I would have to be at work during the show...but what if there was still a way?
So I got the card ready. I put on my lucky shirt (dark green Kenneth Cole blouse with a long narrow V-neck) and a nice pair of jeans, slipped a twenty in my glove in case I had to bribe someone into helping me, and took the subway to Rockefeller Center.
As I got off and walked towards the studio, I heard something. "Is that...!" It was! I couldn't see him, but I could hear him singing "February Song." I ran toward it and parked myself right outside the studio to listen to the end of it.
After it was over, I approached one of the security guards at the door and asked if he could help me by delivering the card. I opened it and shook it out to prove there were no harmful substances in there (as if there would be!), and he found someone who worked for NBC to deliver the card. I'll never know what came of that, but I still can't believe I pulled that off. I was so surprised at what happened and so happy to have heard him that I wanted to dance around the office.

I'm not having as happy a day today. I feel like I screwed up something at work, and I lost my dinner reservation for Valentine's Day. I was really looking forward to taking my fiance there (they serve this beer he loves and huge portions of delicious food), and we lost it to a private party. I'm trying to think that this happened for a reason - maybe the restaurant is going to burn down that night (heaven forbid!), maybe we'll get a different reservation at a better place - but it's not easy.

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Planning Ahead

on February 4, 2008 - 5:36am

Alternative Plans for Next Year's Super Bowl Sunday:
- See if I can get a reservation at one of New York's poshest restaurants, the kind you can't wear a sports jersey to and that wouldn't have a TV anywhere
- Go to a Broadway show or a movie with subtitles
- Go to a spa (I'm sure some have deals for that weekend)
- Volunteer at an animal shelter, battered women's shelter, or Planned Parenthood for the evening
- Take a class (GMAT prep, foreign language, wine tasting, belly dancing...)
- Go on a weekend yoga retreat
- Shop for shoes, dresses, lingerie, or anything else that no guy would want to join me for
- Read a book
- Go to Europe for the weekend, or some part of the world that doesn't even know what American football is

As boring as the game is to me, the thing I hate the most is this idea that if you do not look forward to this more than anything else, you are an un-American freak with no pride in your country, your hometown, whatEVER. If you're looking forward to this and want to watch, that's fine, I won't begrudge you that. But leave ME alone, listen when I say, "I'm not interested" and leave it at that. Live and let live.

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Remind me again

on February 2, 2008 - 9:46am

...why I have bridesmaids? Because mine are proving more difficult than getting my parents to give me an updated guest list, which has been like pulling teeth.
The hardest part of this wedding planning is getting all of them together or to do anything. Example: I tried to get some of them to go to a wedding event with me on Wednesday. One girl said sure, just let her and her sister (they're both in the wedding party) know and they'd be there. So I got the details worked out and sent her an email to confirm. She told me she had a class that night and couldn't make it.
I know it's not all their faults - two of them live in different states, and we're all working or in school. So I understand it's not easy, but I do wish I could feel like I could count on them.

But I don't really need to worry about that today. I learned my lesson and did the 30-minute workout DVD as part of my wedding workout. It felt like it went by pretty quickly.



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