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My Big Debut :P

on November 16, 2007 - 6:33pm

Here's my confession: I like the movie Titanic. It makes me cry. And as for the theory that they sank because they didn't have the key to get to the binoculars to see the icebergs... it was night, so they wouldn't have seen them anyhow.
I'm going to be on the big screen!! The church is renting the Byrd theatre next Wed. the 21st to show last year's Christmas production, "A Storybook Christmas." Then on December 23rd Comcast My TV Richmond will play the production from 2004, "Hold on to Hope." I wasn't in that one. On Christmas Day, CBS is going to play either Storybook Christmas (hope so since I was in that one!) or the 2005 production :) What great opportunities for people to learn about Christmas! Yay! God's awesome!

Oh I should explain things a bit. Each year my church does a production called "Glorious Christmas Nights," (GCN) which then has a different subtitle. This year it's "Starlight '65." We interweave a family-friendly story with the Christmas story, always with a completely different setting. This year it's 1965, in Bethlehem, VA. There's several cool things going on, including a romeo/juliet type relationship, but the main storyline is two competing families in the tacky light tour. (That's a big thing locally, after all.) For nativity we've always just done O Holy Night, but this year it's Celtic Christmas. The highlights are the flying angels and the camel, Jez Jr. We then always go back in to our original story, so people relate to the characters and go on the journey to Bethlehem and see how it applies to them today. Then we do Midnight Cry, which is hundreds of us walking down the aisle in our white robes, again with flying angels. We didn't do it one year and that upset too many peeps, so now we're sure to do it. For more info you can go to, or there are now some vids on youtube. I'm not a huge fan of the soloists on the Midnight Cry vid. Alas.


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2 week push!!

on November 13, 2007 - 7:35pm

Today officially starts the "two week push", where we "go from way/way down to way/way up." On the 27th we have our show dress rehearsal. I can't believe it! Tonight we actually did Act 1 with out stopping. That, my friends, is a miracle. Of course we started in the middle and then went back to the beginning. Then we didn't even do the monk scene, so I still don't know how that fits in or how we'll exactly we'll enter and exit (other than the VW Bug being involved). I can't wait for people to come see this!

That means in only 4 weeks it'll be all over. Awake is going to be my theme song for the next month. Haha for more reasons than one. That and Midnight Cry, especially when midnight rolls around at the tech rehearsals. haha, I crack myself up.

We finally get our DVDs soon from last year! I can't wait to see it. We usually rent a theatre for the night and the cast goes and views it. They said we'd have the DVDs "by Thanksgiving."

I also can't wait for the holiday auction for GFC. I requested they make scrubs with Josh's smiley faces and they were considering it. I could wear them b/t shows on the weekends. Oohh...lightbulb :)

Oh and I had another dream last night! In this one, our house was basically destroyed in some kind of disaster. We talked about the CA fires and possessions in church Sunday night so that was still in my head. (sidenote, I can honestly say I'd only take myself and my phone. I was taking a shower a few weeks ago when our alarm went off. I grabbed my bathrobe so I wasn't in the neighborhood freezing in my birthday suit, and my phone to make some calls.) Some people were in our backyard taking our stuff, but it turned out they were helping us clean up. This guy then asked me out to a church production the next night. We went, and he said he thought it was my church production, and since it wasn't he still wanted to see mine the next day. While watching, he put his hand over mine and wiggled his fingers to indicate he wanted to hold hands, so I took his hand. He played with my fingers, massaging them :)

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Dreams (literally speaking)

on November 12, 2007 - 5:24pm

Several nights ago I dreamed I got a ring. Now I think I did get a proposal in that dream, it just wasn't in the dream, if that makes sense. I say that because the next night I dreamed I was helping someone I used to work with pick out his tuxedo to be the photographer at my wedding. The night after that, I dreamed I woke up in a man's arms. It was one of those dreams that felt so real, and even now I remember how great it felt. The next night I didn't dream anything of interest, but last night I dreamed was swing dancing with "Jack". He was holding me so close. I wish I could remember the name of the move, but he kept doing the one that put us side by side.

Speaking of "jack," last Sunday at church he said he wouldn't be able to take me dancing to learn what ever dance it was he said he'd take me to at this one studio. Unfortunate. I sat by him at church Sunday night, but nothing else to report. And I'd emailed him saying he should go to the show dress rehearsal but haven't heard back. Boys!

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By Jove I've Got It!

on November 8, 2007 - 8:44pm

Had to decipher my dream, since analyzing is what I do best (along with being psychic. oh wait, I shouldn't tell you that...)

The dream represents the way I feel guys treat me... they'll give me a "ring" but not a "proposal." They'll talk to me, laugh with me, depend on me in their hour of need, do every thing but ask me on a date. Instead I get hit on in fast food restaurants by strangers. I was actually talking to someone at work yesterday, I believe, about this very fact. That probably sounds kinda sad. Ah well, such is my life. However I refuse to "arouse or awaken love until it so desires."

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VW Bugs and Monks

on November 8, 2007 - 7:58pm

(To understand what I'm talking about, go to and search for Turtle Creek Chorale--watch the first video. and note they're really men. haha.)

We had monk rehearsal tonight, and they said we can do the part at the end where our record player skips! I begged and pleaded until they agreed! And we'll all be piling out of a real '65 VW Bug! (The setting for the show is 1965) How funny!

I got my Biblical costume today, and I love it! I even found a few ways to wear the hat that won't whack people when I paddle-turn. I should be able to leave it down, although it might be cooler if I have it up. Hm... If I knew how I could post some pics and get some opinions.

Even work is going well. No doctors gave me clinics today, so I won't have any to put together tomorrow. I can just help someone else do their work all day.

I also recently found out I have vacation time I "have" to use, or I'll lose it. I'm taking it after Tech for Act 2, when I'll need it most. we don't usually get out of Tech until about 1, and then I have a 30 min drive home from church, so by the second night of that, I won't want to go to work in the morning. Plus that's after spending Fri night, all day Sat and all day Sun at church.

Oh our church (and the show!) was mentioned in an article in Style Weekly, a free local newspaper :) It says we have "young, hip-looking pastors." Hahahaha! I love my pastors, but that's an interesting description. They also tried to say that Exile is for youth, but then they at least corrected it to say we're in our 20s and 30s. I wonder why the article didn't mention our morning coffee and bagels? Isn't that a good example of what the article is talking about? I convinced one guy to come this week when I told him about the free Starbux and Einstein's. And I just realized that the pastor they talk a lot about is from my sister's church.

This is getting long, but one last thing... last night I dreamed I kissed a guy for the first time. Our faces smooshed together! Too bad I don't know who he was. He gave me a diamond ring (just a ring, not a marriage proposal ;) and the next day, a diamond watch/necklace (why not wear a watch around your neck if it has diamonds?)



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