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Mia Per Sempre

on February 13, 2008 - 11:47am

I was looking at the forum and they were takling about Mia per Sempre and how Josh said he didn't like the song and he would never sing it because it sounded like a Cadillac Commercial. Well what if Josh was promoted by Cadillac? Would it look sort of like this? hehe

I made this today. It still has some kinks in it (I am trying to re-learn photoshop after swearing off it a few months) but it ended up looking ok, I hope someone gets a chuckle. If I have any spelling errors, tell me I'll fix it!
I forget who took the awesome Josh pic so I will give credit where credit is due. It still annoys me with the "Josh Groban and... part, I think I might revise that. It looks off. I didn't know what to put. And I wish the Josh pic was higher quality (it was a smaller web version, so it's suppose to be that way)

Obviously some credit to Cadillac (I copied the idea off a wallpaper they had, plus their fabulous car that I now REALLY want. However, I don't think I'll be (as to quote Billy Joel) "Trading in his Chevy (Cobalt) for a Cadillac-ac-ac" anytime soon since I am still trying to pay off my Chevy!

Josh and a Caddy

Speaking of Cobalts, that's how I got my fojg name. And this is the very Cobalt here:

Speaking of Cadillacs..When I went to vist my grandfather this summer in Michigan we had to rent a car and they didn't have the car we ordered so we got a Cadillac and it was wonderful! Very smooth ride. My dad had a Cadillac years ago but it was a piece of crap really.. he had so much trouble with it. But now the Cadillacs are a LOT better! Oo I wish I could give my Cobalt a companion...
I'll show my valentine graphics tomorrow.
Here's a slight variation.

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Sweeney Graphic

on February 12, 2008 - 4:35pm

Well another day. I won't go into my day since it kind of sucked at the doctors, but anyway I would like to add that a few days I was upset and I noticed Nessas profile pic had my Sweeney colored pics on it I did about a year ago that I totally forgot about and it made me happy.
I did two versions:
Image Hosting by

Image Hosting by

Not much different- just the green and yellow. They weren't hard to make since I just used colorize in photoshop (former graphic designer here).

I have been working on a couple Valentine's graphics I'll post tomorrow (well really the same one, different variation). I wasn't thrilled about how they turned out, but I am getting a good response to them since I have one on my siggy. :)
I sent one of those singing "When You Say You Love Me" cards to a grobie in England and she got it- I am soo happy! I had her pay for it since I'm poor (I didn't make a profit off it or anything). I wonder if I should feel guilty about it! But the whole transaction went well and I'm glad it went smoothly.

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How I got on FOJG and more ramblings

on February 11, 2008 - 12:24pm

Hello! OK I forgot about this again but I came back! Thanks for your comments!
Josh was superb on the Grammys as you all know. that was so sweet how he had his hand on Bochelli's back like that!

Yes after all the ordeal this year the Josh concerts were certainly a highlight! Anyway all this bad luck will hopefully be a blessing in disguise sort of like how getting my first Josh tickets were bad luck. Yes bad luck!
I was listening to "You Raise Me Up" on my new ipod (I had my good job then so I had money for one) and I was like. man I like this guy, wonder if he has any concerts? Hmm. Well I went on and saw that he was coming to MSG and oh no! The tickets were sold out!
So on a whim I bid on some decent tickets on ebay. I won them! whoo hoo! I wait forever- months to get the tickets from this guy and he claims that they might have got "lost in the mail" or something so he then e-mails and says he is sending me another one (without askng me first and telling me what the tickets are). Well FINALLY we got the tickets in the mail and they are different seats and in two opposite sides of MSG! So my dad and I sat by ourselves. Bummer! Ooo I was mad! I think since I got such a reasonable price for pretty good seats the guy sold them and then got two random tickets in the nosebleed. But anyway though Josh was the size of a bug it was EXCELLENT and it was SO cool seeing LSB on top of that! whoo hoo!
I had to join the fan club (plus I didn't want to ever get tickets on ebay again due to that bad experiencer) and what do you know? Josh is touring again whoo hoo!

By that time I quit my job and I had a lot of $ saved up so I got SECOND ROW tickets to see Josh in Albany *and* I got some decent seats at East Rutherford. It was amazing. The 2nd row tickets were the best- so worth it. Josh looked into my eyes and smiled at me (probably thinking I was a nut since I was wavying the Josh multi-colored light stick I got on the forum like crazy) and then I got to be right next to him during NWIA and he signed my program and took my hand. My hand was shaking like crazy! OMG! And of course being the nice guy he is he had to eventually let go of my hand to touch someone else's and I was reluctant to let go of course. I don't know how he can sing so well while he's signing programs, taking hands and having all these women swoon at him. I didn't know for certain if I was getting second row seats and I wasn't thinking when I picked out my shirt that had a v-neck. It wasn't real low, but if you're standing above and looking down like any v-neck I am sure you could see something. Josh probably could totally see down my shirt. Oh well! When I went to a Clay Aiken Christmas concert my friend was like, wear that shirt! I had seats in the back, but I was like, no I am not going to show my cleavage to everyone! It was my first Clay concert btw. I also saw him in Spamalot on his opening night.. wonderful! It bums me out to think all these years I could've went to Josh or Clay concerts but I didn't. But I was also very busy those years too with work and college- stil no excuses but oh well. I especially loved Josh's hair and clean shaven look in 2005. Arghh wish I saw him! I still don't remember how I came onto him on itunes. Maybe I heard YRMU on the radio. I remember Josh shown on tv during the PBS special years ago, I don't know why I didn't become a fan then. I guess I was busy listening to Matchbox Twenty and wasn't open to much music. Who knows. Well I'll leave more later. I am going to renew if it's the last thing I do!

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First Entry

on February 8, 2008 - 4:21pm

I have been part of FOJG almost a year and it didn't even occur to me to use this feature. Well here we go.
I have had a rough year (other then the 3 fabulous Josh concerts) and after quitting a job that I had for a long time and then being fired for no reason from another job, I'm now having money issues. On top of that I had to get my car fixed in a minor accident among other things.. man what a year.

I keep applying trying to get another job but no one seems to want to hire me and my money is getting low!

To top that off, my FOJG membership is running out in March and I don't know if I can afford to renew. (hmm credit card..)
I now don't know what I would do without FOJG!

I am so tired of being down, but as that song says, "Don't give up.."
Josh hire me!



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